Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Teaching Cases

Volume 35

Teaching Case: California Dreamin’ Housing Market Visualizations in Tableau
Aimee Jacobs, California State University Fresno
Jacquelin J. Curry, California State University Fresno
Concetta A. DePaolo, Indiana State University
Fernando Parra, California State University Fresno

Teaching Case: Teaching Business Students Logistic Regression in R With the Aid of ChatGPT
Chen Zhong, University of Tampa
J.B. (Joo Baek) Kim, University of Tampa

Teaching Case: When Strength Turns Into Weakness: Exploring the Role of AI in the Closure of Zillow Offers
Naveen Gudigantala, University of Portland
Vijay Mehrotra, University of San Francisco

Volume 34

Teaching Case: Central University Medical Center: A Proposed Paperless Patient Registration System
Hao Lou, Ohio University
Samuel Chang, University of Michigan
Yining Chen, Western Kentucky University

Teaching Case: Using Python and AWS for NoSQL in a BI Course
Michel Mitri, James Madison University

Volume 33

Teaching Case: Information Security Management in Distress at SkillPlat
Ivano Bongiovanni, University of Queensland

Teaching Case: Widgets-R-Us: Using IoT to Monitor Part Levels
Paul Dunn, Central Michigan University
Robert E. Miller, Central Michigan University

Teaching Case: Design and Development of a Special Population Resource Connection Database
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

Teaching Case: The Initial Coin Offering Marketplace: A Data Analytic Case
Wencui Han, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Eric C. Larson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Volume 32

Teaching Case: Analyzing Disney World Wait Time Data: A Lesson in Visualization Using Tableau
Concetta A. DePaolo and Aimee Jacobs

Teaching Case: Integrating Systems at We Build Stuff: Analysis and Design Case
Anne Powell and Connie S. Barber

Teaching Case: Making the Grade: Using COBIT to Study Computer Crime at Bucks County Community College (Pennsylvania)
M. Elizabeth Haywood

Teaching Case: GlobePort Faces Challenges in its Technology Transformation
Biswadip Ghosh

Volume 31

Teaching Case: Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case
Siva Sankaran and Thomas L. Wedel

Teaching Case: Encounters with Bigfoot on the Strip: The Risks and Liabilities of Online Reviews
Christine Ladwig and Dana Schwieger

Volume 30

Teaching Case: Creating a Request for Proposal for Software for a Non-Profit Organization
David Reavis

Teaching Case: Strategic Actions in a Platform Context: What Should Facebook Do Next?
Eric C. Larson and Carl Vieregger

Volume 29

Teaching Case: An Interdisciplinary Task-Based Activity for Teaching Internal Controls
Thomas E. Marshall, Dawna M. Drum, Sherwood L. Lambert, and Steven A. Morris

Teaching Case: “What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” The Wells Fargo Account Opening Scandal
Paul D. Witman

Teaching Case: Congratulations! …to the World? One Person’s Experience with Social Media
Eric C. Larson

Teaching Case: MiHotel: Applicant Processing System Design Case
Robert E. Miller and Paul Dunn

Teaching Case: Security Breach at Target
Miloslava Plachkinova and Chris Maurer

Volume 28

Teaching Case: ComprehensiveCare and the Stalled Adoption of an Electronic Health Records System: IT Governance and Employee Succession
David L. Gomillion

Teaching Case: ComprehensiveCare and the Re-Adoption of an Electronic Health Records System: Preparing for a Successful Adoption after a Failed Attempt
David L. Gomillion

Teaching Case: ComprehensiveCare and the Failed Implementation of an Electronic Health Records System
David L. Gomillion

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis Role-Play Exercise and Assignment
Michel Mitri, Carey Cole, and Laura Atkins

Volume 27

Teaching Case: Who Renews? Who Leaves? Identifying Customer Churn in a Telecom Company Using Big Data Techniques
Daniel A. Asamoah, Ramesh Sharda, Pankush Kalgotra, and Mark Ott

Teaching Case: Introduction to NoSQL in a Traditional Database Course
Brad Fowler, Joy Godin, and Margaret Geddy

Teaching Case: Using Excel to Make Strategic Managerial Decisions
Aimee Jacobs, David F. Robinson, and Concetta A. DePaolo

Volume 26

Teaching Case: Adapting the Access Northwind Database to Support a Database Course
John N. Dyer and Camille Rogers

Teaching Case: American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case
Ranida B. Harris and Thomas L. Wedel

Volume 25

Teaching Case: Opportunity out of Disaster
Jacob Cundiff, Taylor McCallum, Andrew Rich, Michael Truax, Tamara Ward, and Douglas Havelka

Teaching Case: Hippi Care Hospital: Towards Proactive Business Processes in Emergency Room Services
Kar Way Tan and Venky Shankararaman

Teaching Case: Analysis of an Electronic Voting System
Nik Thompson and Danny Toohey

Volume 24

Teaching Case: Fitness & Wellness Place Appoints a Chief Information Officer

Joan Rodon

Teaching Case: Do you Take Credit Cards? Security and Compliance for the Credit Card Payment Industry
Lorrie Willey and Barbara Jo White

Teaching Case: Enterprise Architecture Specification Case Study
Annette L. Steenkamp, Amal Alawdah, Osama A. K. Gai, Nidal Khattab, Carval Swaby, and Ramy Abaas

Teaching Case: IS Security Requirements Identification from Conceptual Models in Systems Analysis and Design: The Fun & Fitness, Inc. Case
Janine L. Spears and James L. Parrish, Jr.

Volume 23

Teaching Case: Directors Guild of America Health Plan Eligibility: An IS Analysis and Design Case
Siva Sankaran and Thomas L. Wedel

Teaching Case: Enhancing Knowledge Integration with REA Modeling in an AIS Project
Sunita Ahlawat and Joyce Vincelette

Teaching Case: Implementation of an Interorganizational System: The Case of Medical Insurance E-clearance
Indranil Bose, Han Liu, and Alex Ye

Teaching Case: The Animal Genetic Resource Information Network (AnimalGRIN) Database: A Database Design & Implementation Case
Gretchen Irwin, Lark Wessel, and Harvey Blackman

Volume 22

Teaching Case: Procyon LLC: From Music Recommendations to Preference Mapping
Susan J. Chinn

Teaching Case: The Challenge of Implementing an ERP System in a Small and Medium Enterprise: A Teaching Case of ERP Project Management
Hongjiang Xu, Patrick J. Rondeau, and Sakthi Mahenthiran

Teaching Case: Bank Solutions Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: A Case Study for Business Students
Steve Camara, Robert Crossler, Vishal Midha, and Linda Wallace

Teaching Case: Jay's Collectibles
James J. Cappel and Jason R. Gillman, Jr.

Teaching Case: Convention Center Management: A Systems Analysis & Design Course Project
Brandi N. Guidry and Michael W. Totaro

Volume 21

Teaching Case: Mobile Phone Service Process Hiccups at Cellular Inc.
Theresa M. Edgington

Teaching Case: Teaching Software Componentization: A Bar Chart Java Bean
Michel Mitri

Teaching Case: The Rescue911 Emergency Response Information System (ERIS): A Systems Development Project Case
Jason F. Cohen and Franz H. Thiel

Teaching Case: InterCon Travel Health: Case
Gregory E. Truman, Dessislava A. Pachamanova, and Michael A. Goldstein

Teaching Case: Outsourcing a High Speed Internet Access Project: An Information Technology Class Case Study in Three Parts
Richard G. Platt, William B. Carper, and Michael McCool

Volume 20

Teaching Case: Enabling Business Processes through Information Management and IT Systems: The FastFit and Winter Gear Distributors Case Studies
Richard M. Kesner and Bruce Russell

Teaching Case: Migrating Legacy Systems in the Global Merger & Acquisition Environment
Pairin Katerattanakul, Hwee-Joo Kam, James J. Lee, and Soongoo Hong

Teaching Case: A Network Implementation Class Exercise: BusinessQuest Business Incubator, LLC
Priscilla A. Arling

Teaching Case: Enhancing Knowlege Integration: An Information System Capstone Project
David M. Steiger

Volume 19

Teaching Case: Knowledge Creation through User-Guided Data Mining: A Database Case
David M. Steiger

Teaching Case: The Recovery Care and Treatment Center: A Database Design and Development Case
Ranida B. Harris and Kara L. Vaught

Teaching Case: Five Data Validation Cases
Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Case: Remote Services, Inc.
Steven A. Morris

Volume 18

Teaching Case: An eCommerce Development Case: Your Company's eCommerce Web Site
Robert M. Ballenger

Teaching Case: Technical Staffing Crises and Managing Systems Projects
Charles K. Davis

Teaching Case: Computers-for-edu: An Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Teaching Case
Todd A. Boyle

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis Role Play Case: We Sell Stuff, Inc.
Michel Mitri and Carey Cole

Teaching Case: On the Horns of a Dilemma and Executive Hubris
Charles K. Davis

Teaching Case: Information Systems Integration and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Adoption: A Case from Financial Services
Wing Lam

Teaching Case: A Term Project in Visual Basic: The Downhill Snowboard Shop
Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Case: Two Information Technology Classroom Minicases: Benefits Assessments and Implementation Issues
Charles K. Davis

Volume 16

Teaching Case: Greta's Gym: A Teaching Case for Term-Long Database Projects
Gina C. Green

Teaching Case: Network Analysis and Design for Tickets Sales, Inc.
Michael Gendron and A. T. Jarmoszko

Volume 15

Teaching Case: Choosing an ERP-type Systems for a Belarus Enterprise
A. T. Jarmoszko and Michael Gendron

Teaching Case: A First Case Project in Visual Basic.Net: Preparing an Income Tax Return
Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Case: A Data Modeling Case: Writers Guild of America, East
Thomas L. Wedel, Ali R. Behnezhad, and Glen L. Gray

Volume 14

Teaching Case: Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company: Using Excel Metrics Capabilities to Solve Semi-Structured Management Problems
Douglas L. Dean and Paul B. Lowry

Teaching Case: The Transformation of AT&T's Enterprise Network Systems Group to Avaya: Enabling the Virtual Corporation through Reengineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
E. James Cowan and Lauren B. Eder

Teaching Case: Configuring an ERP System: Introducing Best Practices or Hampering Flexibility?
Olga Volkoff

Teaching Case: The Jing An Telescope Factory (JATF): A Network Security Case Study
Doug White and Alan Rea

Teaching Case: Bitten by a Bug: A Case Study in Malware Infection
Patricia Y. Logan and Stephen W. Logan

Teaching Case: E-Business Application Development with Java Technology and Oracle: The Fortune Invest Inc. Case
Ming Wang

Teaching Case: MetalSpectrum: A Virtual Marketplace for Brick-and-Mortar Products
Joyce Elam and Irma Becerra-Fernandez

Teaching Case: A Database Design and Development Case: Elk County Pediatric Medical Center
Robert M. Ballenger

Teaching Case: A Database Design Case: Teton Whitewater Kayak
Kevin R. Parker

Teaching Case: The U.S. Treasury Tests a New Payment Mechanism
Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., Janis L. Gogan, and Chuck Wade

Teaching Case: The Dag-Brücken ASRS Case Study
Tony Jewels

Teaching Case: Customer Service at SWU's Occupational Health Clinic
Tom Cuyler and Laurie Schatzberg

Teaching Case: An IS Capstone Project: The Mywick Property Management System
Martha Myers

Volume 12

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis and Design Case: ABC Church
James J. Cappel

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