Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 12

Volume 12 Number 4, Pages 233-244

Winter 2001

Teaching Case
A Systems Analysis and Design Case: ABC Church

James J. Cappel
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859, USA

Abstract: The information systems (IS) profession requires a diverse blend of technical and non-technical skills. To develop these skills, IS educators often use group projects in systems analysis and design courses, sometimes involving written cases. This article presents a case that can be utilized for a group project in a systems analysis and design course. The case is sufficiently detailed to stimulate students' creative thinking about a systems solution. It also concerns an organization with which most students have some life experience, a church. The case emphasizes the church as an organization with information needs. This article presents background information about the case, the text of the case, and a discussion of analysis and design phase requirements. Teaching notes and possible solutions for selected project requirements are also provided. These materials are designed to be useful to systems analysis and design instructors who want to use a written case for a group project in their courses.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design, Systems development, Case

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Recommended Citation: Cappel, J. J. (2001). Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis and Design Case: ABC Church. Journal of Information Systems Education, 12(4), 233-244.