Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 24

Volume 24 Number 2, Pages 105-120

Summer 2013

Teaching Case
Enterprise Architecture Specification Case Study

Annette L. Steenkamp
Amal Alawdah
Osama Almasri
Keke Gai
Nidal Khattab
Carval Swaby

Lawrence Technological University
Southfield, MI 48302, USA

Ramy Abaas
Agile Healthcare Software Inc.
Sterling Heights, MI 48310, USA

Abstract: A graduate course in enterprise architecture had a team project component in which a real-world business case, provided by an industry sponsor, formed the basis of the project charter and the architecture statement of work. The paper aims to share the team project experience on developing the architecture specifications based on the business case of an accountable health care organization. Students collaborated as a team in various roles to develop the architecture specifications for a new business initiative of the sponsoring organization, XYZ ACO. The teaching case describes the case study approach and the architecture approach adopted for the architecture process, and is accompanied by Teaching Case Notes which provide a selection of the models developed by members of the project team towards the architecture specifications. The course started with coverage of enterprise architecture theory, best practices and standards, and the team project gave students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and “learn by doing”. Students were challenged to interpret the business case, the project charter and project requirements, and each team member was allocated an architecture viewpoint and a role to play. The Teaching Case presents a summary of the team project and the lessons learned in performing the project.

Keywords: Design specification, Architecture, Process improvement, Modeling

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Recommended Citation: Steenkamp, A. L., Alawdah, A., Almasri, O., Gai, K., Khattab, N., Swaby, C., & Abaas, R. (2013). Teaching Case: Enterprise Architecture Specification Case Study. Journal of Information Systems Education, 24(2), 105-120.