Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 24

Volume 24 Number 4, Pages 257-265

Winter 2013

Teaching Case
Fitness & Wellness Place Appoints a Chief Information Officer

Joan Rodon
Universitat Ramon Llull
Sant Cugat del Vallès 08172, Spain

Abstract: Fitness and Wellness Place (F&W) is a network of fitness and wellness clubs in Spain and Portugal created in 2009 as a result of a buy-out from a large British operator. In 2009, F&W was operating 15 clubs in Spain and Portugal and by the end of 2011, F&W ran 25 clubs. F&W’s rapid growth in the period 2009-11 had become a matter of concern to senior management. The lack of control and the poor performance of core processes were negatively impacting the financial results and the firm’s reputation. The F&W’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nick Summers considered that it was time to make changes to the operating processes and systems. Accordingly, Nick decided to create a new Chief Information Office (CIO) post in the company and sought an industry outsider with excellent business performance who could put things in order. Students are asked to put themselves into the shoes of the new CIO and deal with a broad range of IS management issues through seven assignments. This teaching case was prepared to support a core course on information systems of a business administration and management degree.

Keywords: Teaching case, Data management, Business process management (BPM), Software as a service (SAAS), Social networking, Security

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Recommended Citation: Rodon, J. (2013). Teaching Case: Fitness & Wellness Place Appoints a Chief Information Officer. Journal of Information Systems Education, 24(4), 257-265.