Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 14

Volume 14 Number 3, Pages 301-306

Fall 2003

Teaching Case
Bitten by a Bug: A Case Study in Malware Infection

Patricia Y. Logan
Marshall University
Charleston, WV 25303, USA

Stephen W. Logan
Weber State University
Ogden, UT 84404, USA

Abstract: This case study addresses malware infection and the organizational and technical consequences. This case study enables students to view the business continuity issues that should drive all security decisions in IT and allow analysis of the organizational and technical issues that impact recovery from a disaster that is caused by a malware infection. Information systems students seldom see case studies that involve the issues of disaster planning and business continuity within the context of what has become an ever-more frequent occurrence: a virus/worm (malware) infection. This case study would be appropriate for either undergraduate or graduate students in courses involving information resource management, MIS or information security.

Keywords: Virus, Malware, Information systems management, Incident response, Disaster planning, Business continuity planning

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Recommended Citation: Logan, P. Y. & Logan, S. W. (2003). Teaching Case: Bitten by a Bug: A Case Study in Malware Infection. Journal of Information Systems Education, 14(3), 301-306.