Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 32

Volume 32, Issue 4, Pages 244-248

Fall 2021

Teaching Case
Integrating Systems at We Build Stuff: Analysis and Design Case

Anne Powell
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL 62026, USA

Connie S. Barber
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Little Rock, AR 72204, USA

Abstract: This teaching case presents a cross-team systems analysis and design case requiring integration of multiple, interdependent systems. Case deliverables are a mix of both traditional and agile methodologies. Students are introduced to methodology tools and techniques including data flow diagrams, use case diagrams, user stories, and entity-relationship diagrams as they complete the planning, analysis, and design steps for a new information system. Most Systems Analysis and Design textbooks include a stand-alone, independent system case to enhance learning for students. In the presented case, once the main steps are completed, student teams are then combined to integrate multiple interdependent systems for a company. This case emphasizes that most companies are moving toward a centralized data repository in systems development and that most systems within the company use the same data to accomplish different tasks. Teaching notes with student assignments and solutions are available through the JISE website.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design, Teaching case, System development tools & methods, System development life cycle (SDLC), Agile

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Recommended Citation: Powell, A., & Barber, C. S. (2021). Teaching Case: Integrating Systems at We Build Stuff: Analysis and Design Case. Journal of Information Systems Education, 32(4), 244-248.