Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Special Issues

The Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) is soliciting proposals for special issues. Special issues of JISE are intended to provide an important venue for collecting high quality research relating to specific areas of information systems education.

Individuals interested in submitting a proposal and being a Guest Editor for a special issue of JISE should submit a proposal, in the form of an e-mail, to the Editor at that includes the following:

1. The proposed topic. Please provide a short statement that describes why this would be a good topic for a JISE Special Issue.

2. The Guest Editor(s). We encourage collaboration among two or three Guest Editors. If there is more than one Guest Editor, we encourage one of the Guest Editors to reside outside the USA. Please provide a short resume for each Guest Editor that highlights IS teaching, IS education-related publications, and editorial experience (reviewing, Assistant Editor experience, etc.). The publication record and editorial experience of the proposed Special Issue Guest Editor(s) will be considered when evaluating proposals.

3. The review process. If your proposal for the Special Issue is approved, the Guest Editor(s) for the Special Issue must recruit individuals willing to help review papers submitted for the Special Issue. Each paper submitted must have at least three quality reviews to ensure that it meets our high quality standards before publishing.

4. Paper solicitation. A brief statement describing how you would solicit papers for the Special Issue (AISWorld announcement, personal solicitations, etc.). The Call for Papers (CFP) will be posted on the JISE website.

The Special Issue Guest Editor(s) may not be an author or co-author on any paper submitted for the Special Issue, except for a short article introducing the Special Issue. Special Issue topics must be congruent with the mission of JISE and be topics that will generate sufficient interest and quality submissions from the community.

Questions should be addressed to the Editor at