Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 18

Volume 18 Number 3, Pages 283-295

Fall 2007

Teaching Case
Computers-for-edu: An Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Teaching Case

Todd A. Boyle
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5, Canada

Abstract: The Computers-for-edu case is designed to provide students with hands-on exposure to creating Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) reports and dialogue programs, as well as navigating various mySAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transactions needed by ABAP developers. The case requires students to apply a wide variety of ABAP concepts, including basic ABAP syntax, OPEN Structured Query Language (SQL), internal tables, external files, ABAP events, user-defined tables, screens, menus, title bars, function keys, drilldown reporting, and elementary dialogue programming. The case makes a very good final project in an introductory ABAP programming course. For an advanced ABAP course, this case is useful for reviewing introductory ABAP concepts prior to moving on to more advanced ABAP programming elements such as object-oriented programming and advanced dialogue programming (e.g., database updates, logical units of work). This case can be easily extended to include additional dialogue programming and object-oriented elements by, for example, having students write dialogue programs with tabstrip controls to manipulate data in the user-defined tables.

Keywords: ABAP, Programming, SAP reporting, SAP education

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Recommended Citation: Boyle, T. A. (2007). Teaching Case: Computers-for-edu: An Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Teaching Case. Journal of Information Systems Education, 18(3), 283-295.