Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 15

Volume 15 Number 3, Pages 255-260

Fall 2004

Teaching Case
Choosing an ERP-type System for a Belarus Enterprise

A. T. Jarmoszko
Michael Gendron

Central Connecticut State University
New Britain, CT 06053, USA

Abstract: The case addresses one of the basic questions on managing information technology infrastructure in a less-developed economic region. Alex Yamkovsky, the Director General of Milavitsa, is faced with the decision on the choice of an ERP system. He has essentially three options: Option 1: Build your own System; Option 2: Buy from a Regional Vendor; or Option 3: Buy from a Global Vendor. The case provides background information on Milavitsa and Enterprise Resource Planning systems in general. Students are asked to place themselves in the position of Director Yamkovsky and select the best choice for the particular setting of Milavitsa and the economy of Belarus as a whole.

Keywords: Enterprise system, ERP, Eastern Europe, Belarus, Teaching case

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Recommended Citation: Jarmoszko, A. T. & Gendron, M. (2004). Teaching Case: Choosing an ERP-type System for a Belarus Enterprise. Journal of Information Systems Education, 15(3), 255-260.