Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 31

Volume 31 Issue 2, Pages 124-130

Spring 2020

Teaching Case
Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case

Siva Sankaran
Thomas L. Wedel

California State University
Northridge, CA 91330, USA

Abstract: This teaching case addresses the design of a database that fulfills the complex requirements found at the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan, an actual entity. With the goal of challenging students to think analytically and to apply information systems concepts and tools to real world situations, the case study was appropriately structured to reflect the complexities they are likely to encounter in actual practice. Expected student deliverables from the case include data flow diagrams, the database design, a sample data dictionary, a flowchart, and pseudo-code. Student feedback from field trials in two sections of an upper division Systems Analysis and Design course reveal that the case is effective in teaching system analysis and data design skills. Teaching notes, a discussion of teaching strategies for the case, and an appropriate case solution, including data flow diagrams (DFDs), an entity-relationship diagram (ERD), and a sample data dictionary, are available through the Journal of Information Systems Education website.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design, Data flow diagram, Data dictionary, Entity-relationship modeling/diagram, Normalization, Structured English

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Recommended Citation: Sankaran, S. & Wedel, T. L. (2020). Teaching Case: Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case. Journal of Information Systems Education, 31(2), 124-130.