Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Teaching Tips

Volume 32

Teaching Tip: Design Thinking and Mobile App Development: A Teaching Protocol
Nasser Shahrasbi, Leigh Jin, and Wei-Jun Zheng

Teaching Tip: Emerge2Maturity: A Simulation Game for Data Warehouse Maturity Concepts
Michael V. Mannino, Mohammed Khojah, and Dawn G. Gregg

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of No-Code Business App Development
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 31

Teaching Tip: Visualizing IS Course Objectives and Marketable Skills
Dmytro Babik and Diane Lending

Teaching Tip: A Foundation Course in Business Analytics: Design and Implementation at Two Universities
Limin Zhang, Fang Chen, and Wei Wei

Teaching Tip: Applied Learning of Emerging Technology: Using Business-Relevant Examples of Blockchain
Michael Milovich, Jr., Jennifer A. Nicholson, and Darren B. Nicholson

Teaching Tip: How to Teach Information Systems Students to Design Better User Interfaces through Paper Prototyping
Michael J. Scialdone and Amy J. Connolly

Teaching Tip: The Development of a Red Teaming Service-Learning Course
Jacob A. Young

Teaching Tip: Teaching Introductory Programming from A to Z: Twenty-Six Tips from the Trenches
Xihui Zhang, John D. Crabtree, Mark G. Terwilliger, and Janet T. Jenkins

Teaching Tip: Teaching Programming to the Post-Millennial Generation: Pedagogic Considerations for an IS Course
Madhav Sharma, David Biros, Surya Ayyalasomayajula, and Nikunj Dalal

Teaching Tip: Enhancing ERP Learning Outcomes through Microsoft Dynamics
Amir H. Zadeh, Hamed M. Zolbanin, Arijit Sengupta, and Todd Schultz

Teaching Tip: Active Learning Using Debates in an IT Strategy Course
David M. Woods

Teaching Tip: BPIsim: A Hands-On Simulation to Teach Cash-to-Cash Manufacturing Operating Cycle Processes in a Purchasing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Context
Vincent G. Whitelock

Teaching Tip: Applying Team-Based Learning in Online Introductory Information Systems Courses
Samuel H. Goh, Paul M. Di Gangi, and Ken Gunnells

Volume 30

Teaching Tip: A Notation for Planning SQL Queries
Toni Taipalus

Teaching Tip: Implementing Scrum Wholesale in the Classroom
Corey Baham

Teaching Tip: “The Data Shuffle”: Using Playing Cards to Illustrate Data Management Concepts to a Broad Audience
David Agogo and Jesse Anderson

Teaching Tip: Pedagogy for Business Analytics Courses
Anand Jeyaraj

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of Database-Centric Online Analytical Process for MBA Business Analytics Programs
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: Learning by Teaching through Collaborative Tutorial Creation: Experience using GitHub and AsciiDoc
Jim Marquardson and Ryan M. Schuetzler

Volume 29

Teaching Tip: Gaining Real-World Experience in Information Security: A Roadmap for a Service-Learning Course
Janine L. Spears

Teaching Tip: Adding Intercultural Communication to an IS Curriculum
Alanah Mitchell and Rob Benyon

Volume 27

Teaching Tip: An Introduction to the Business Game "Flowers for the World"
Trevor Moores

Teaching Tip: Play Ball: Bringing Scrum into the Classroom
Jeffrey May, Jim York, and Diane Lending

Volume 26

Teaching Tip: Using a Group Role-Play Exercise to Engage Students in Learning Business Processes and ERP
Yide Shen, Jennifer Nicholson, and Darren Nicholson

Teaching Tip: Managing Software Engineering Student Teams Using Pellerin's 4-D System
Marguerite Doman, Andrew Besmer, and Anne Olsen

Teaching Tip: Active Learning via a Sample Database: The Case of Microsoft's Adventure Works
Michel Mitri

Teaching Tip: Making Data Flow Diagrams Accessible for Visually Impaired Students Using Excel Tables
Vicki L. Sauter

Volume 25

Teaching Tip: Enhancing Student Engagement: A Group Case Study Approach
Aakash Taneja

Teaching Tip: Cultivating and Nurturing Undergraduate IS Research
Stefan Tams

Teaching Tip: The Flipped Classroom
Heng Ngee Mok

Volume 24

Teaching Tip: Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments
Anil Singh

Teaching Tip: A Memory Game to Demonstrate the Power of Collaborative Efforts to Improve Team Performance
Mari W. Buche

Teaching Tip: Utilizing Classrrom Simulation to Convey Key Concepts in IT Portfolio Management
Eric C. Larson

Teaching Tip: Using Activity Diagrams to Model Systems Analysis Techniques: Teaching what we Preach
Diane Lending and Jeffrey May

Volume 23

Teaching Tip: Using Rapid Game Prototyping for Exploring Requirements Discovery and Modeling
Nikunj Dalal

Teaching Tip: Simulated Audits to Engage Students in IT Governance and Assurance Courses
Jeffrey W. Merhout, Sarah L. Newport, and Patrick E. Damo

Volume 22

Teaching Tip: An Investigation of Digital Literacy Needs of Students
Klara Nelson, Marcy Courier, and Gilbert W. Joseph

Teaching Tip: GlobePort Faces Global Business Challenges: Assessing the Organizational Side of Information Systems Projects
Biswadip Ghosh

Teaching Tip: LAN Configuration and Analysis: Projects for the Data Communications and Networking Course
Fang Chen and Mary Brabston

Volume 21

Teaching Tip: Consuming Web Services: A Yahoo! Newsfeed Reader
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: Using Virtual Servers to Teach the Implementation of Enterprise-Level DBMSs: A Teaching Note
William P. Wagner and Vik Pant

Teaching Tip: An Introduction to Collaboration with SharePoint for First-Year Business Students
Laura Atkins and Carey Cole

Teaching Tip: Using Cascading Style Sheets to Design a Fly-Out Menu with Microsoft Visual Studio
Chang Liu and Charles Downing

Teaching Tip: Accelerating Student Learning of Technology Terms: The Crossword Puzzle Exercise
Thomas G. Whisenand and Steven M. Dunphy

Teaching Tip: Using a Wiki to Collaborate on a Study Guide
Diane Lending

Volume 20

Teaching Tip: CFC (Comment-First-Coding) - A Simple yet Effective Method for Teaching Programming to Information Systems Students
Arijit Sengupta

Teaching Tip: An Inexpensive Device for Teaching Public Key Encryption
Norman Pendegraft

Teaching Tip: An Approach to Reducing Cognitive Load in the Teaching of Introductory Database Concepts
John M. Bunch

Teaching Tip: Tweeting the Night Away: Using Twitter to Enhance Social Presence
Joanna C. Dunlap and Patrick R. Lowenthal

Teaching Tip: Microsoft or Google Web 2.0 Tools for Course Management
Thomas Rienzo and Bernard Han

Teaching Tip: Usability - A Teaching and School Service Project
Johnny Snyder

Teaching Tip: Using Word Scrambles as an Information Systems Creativity Warm-Up Exercise
Steven M. Dunphy and Constance C. Milbourne

Volume 19

Teaching Tip: Clarifying Normalization
Donald A. Carpenter

Teaching Tip: Tools and Techniques for Simplifying the Analysis of Captured Packet Data
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: An On Demand Text-to-Speech Agent
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Learning Experience with Virtual Worlds
Christian Wagner

Teaching Tip: "One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All": Teaching MBA Students Different ERP Implementation Strategies
Viswaneth Venkatesh

Teaching Tip: A Design Thinking Approach to Teaching Knowledge Management
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: First Impressions: An Alternative Way to Start a Systems Development Course
Jack W. Fellers

Volume 18

Teaching Tip: Teaching Advanced SQL Skills: Text Bulk Loading
David Olsen and Karina Hauser

Teaching Tip: Specification and Enforcement of Semantic Integrity Constraints in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: Using the Same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments
Michael Newby and ThuyUyen Nguyen

Teaching Tip: A Web Browsing Tool for a Shared Computer Environment
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Using Collaboration to Provide Students with an Internship Experience in an Information Systems Course
Patricia Wallace

Teaching Tip: Web Survey Design in ASP.Net 2.0: A Simple Task with One Line of Code
Chang Liu

Teaching Tip: Recursive Joins to Query Data Hierarchies in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Volume 17

Teaching Tip: Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum
David C. Wallace and James R. Wolf

Teaching Tip: Object-Oriented Programming Principles and the Java Class Library
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Interlaying Modeling and Writing Activities in Systems Analysis and Design
James J. Pomykalski

Teaching Tip: Implementing Virtual Pair Programming in E-Learning Environment
Abdullah M. Zin, Sufian Idris, and Nantha K. Subramaniam

Teaching Tip: Building Camaraderie Through Information Processing: The Wuzzle Picture-Puzzle Exercise
Steven M. Dunphy and Thomas G. Whisenand

Teaching Tip: Teaching Security Techniques in an E-Commerce Course
Chang Liu and Brian G. Mackie

Volume 16

Teaching Tip: An Active X SQL Resource
George H. Bodnar

Teaching Tip: Peer Review to Support Student Assessment in Teams
Sigi Goode and Seng-Thiam Teh

Teaching Tip: Data Validation Matrix for Programming Courses
John F. Schrage

Teaching Tip: Using Selected Options for the Ipconfig Command to Teach Network Troubleshooting Techniques
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Hands-On Testing Visual Basic Courses
Qi Yang and Joe Clifton

Teaching Tip: Improving Students' Interest in Learning: Some Positive Techniques
Leslie Leong

Teaching Tip: A Project Module of E-Commerce Planning
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Teaching Tip: It's All Fun and Games... Until Students Learn
Anne P. Massey, Susan A. Brown, and Jeanne D. Johnston

Volume 15

Teaching Tip: Strategy for Assessment of Online Course Discussions
Sunil Hazari

Teaching Tip: Encouraging Online Participation
Wing Lam

Teaching Tip: Twelve Tips for Successfully Integratin Enterprise Systems Across the Curriculum
Jane Fedorowicz, Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., Catherine Usoff, and George Hachey

Teaching Tip: Telecommunications and Data Networking Course: Balancing Theory and Practice
Pramod Pandya

Teaching Tip: A Technical Module for the E-Commerce Course
John Chopoorian and Shouhong Wang

Teaching Tip: Adding Realism to the Formation, Management and Evaluation of Project Teams
Donna McCloskey

Teaching Tip: Teaching Information Systems Management via Action Memos
Christian Wagner

Volume 14

Teaching Tip: Systematic Personal Training by Letting Students Teach each Other
Harald Kjellin and Terese Stenfors

Teaching Tip: A Simpler Approach to Set Comparison Queries in SQL
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Tip: The Introductory MIS Course: Using TQM to Tame the Widow-Maker
Judy D. Holmes

Teaching Tip: How to Reduce Plagiarism
Apiwan D. Born

Teaching Tip: Simulation and Role Playing with LEGO Blocks
Lee A. Freeman

Teaching Tip: Forming an Effective Information Systems Advisory Board
Kai S. Koong

Teaching Tip: Put Another (B)Log on the Wire: Publishing Learning Logs as Weblogs
Christian Wagner

Teaching Tip: The Learning Log
J. Howard Baker

Teaching Tip: Utilizing Simple Hacking Techniques to Teach System Security and Hacker Identification
Aaron D. Sanders

Volume 13

Teaching Tip: Simplifying Batch Outputting in COBOL
Barbara Russel

Teaching Tip: A Simple and Effective Method for Teaching Information Systems Vocabulary and Concepts in a Large Lecture Setting
Charles E. Downing

Teaching Tip: A Simpler (and Better) Approach to Relational Division
Victor Matos and Rebecca Grasser

Teaching Tip: Form Responders: Enhancing Student Learning in Beginning and Advanced Web Development Classes
William Lomerson

Teaching Tip: End Users and Developers in Systems Analysis and Design
Bassam Hasan

Volume 12

Teaching Tip: Using the OSI Model to Teach Problem Solving
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Tip: Recommendations for Developing an Online Course
Lissa F. Pollacia

Teaching Tip: The Individual Topic Expert
Denise R. McGinnis

Teaching Tip: Using Concept Maps to Assess Students' Understanding of Information Systems
Lee Freeman and Andrew Urbaczewski

Volume 11

Teaching Tip: Resources for Teaching Ethics and Computing
Kevin W. Bowyer

Teaching Tip: Bringing Real World Experience to the Classroom
Charles R. Woratschek

Volume 10

Teaching Tip: Visual Basic Jump Start
Marty McClelland

Teaching Tip: Using Humor in the Classroom
Kevin L. Elder

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