Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 24

Volume 24 Number 3, Pages 177-180

Fall 2013

Teaching Tip
Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments

Anil Singh
University of Texas - Brownsville
Brownsville, TX 78520, USA

Abstract: Assurance of individual effort from students in computer-based assignments is a challenge. Due to digitization, students can easily use a copy of their friend’s work and submit it as their own. Plagiarism in assignments puts students who cheat at par with those who work honestly and this compromises the learning evaluation process. Using a new feature called data macros, this paper showcases a parsimonious method to detect plagiarism in MS Access assignments that can be easily used by instructors to identify and document plagiarism in assignments.

Keywords: Database management systems (DBMS), Assessment, Pedagogy, Plagiarism, Computer assisted education

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Recommended Citation: Singh, A. (2013). Teaching Tip: Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments. Journal of Information Systems Education, 24(3), 177-180.