Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 14

Volume 14 Number 1, Pages 11-14

Spring 2003

Teaching Tip
The Learning Log

J. Howard Baker
University of Louisiana - Monroe
Monroe, LA 71209, USA

Abstract: This teaching tip deals with the use of a learning log in an information systems security class. This technique supports the individual topic expert teaching tip contributed by Denise R. McGinnis. A learning log is a tightly focused academic journal that is created as the student becomes knowledgeable on an individually assigned topic. The log can serve as the basis for generating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), support class discussion, and provide the basis for the creation of a class presentation and web site.

Keywords: Learning log, Journal, FAQ, Information systems security, Topic expert

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Recommended Citation: Baker, J. H. (2003). Teaching Tip: The Learning Log. Journal of Information Systems Education, 14(1), 11-14.