Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 10

Volume 10 Number 3-4, Pages 4-5

Fall 1999

Teaching Tip
Visual Basic Jump Start

Marty McClelland
North Carolina Central University
Durham, NC 27707, USA

Abstract: I have been teaching Visual Basic (VB) for numerous years in a variety of settings. Usually I teach a semester length course in VB as an introduction to business programming. I also teach short courses ranging from a one hour quick exposure to VB to a 6 hour introductory class in VB. My experimentation with a variety of demonstrations to use as a first VB experience have culminated in the following exercise which I love using as a one hour introduction to VB.


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Recommended Citation: McClelland, M. (1999). Teaching Tip: Visual Basic Jump Start. Journal of Information Systems Education, 10(3-4), 4-5.