Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 23

Volume 23 Number 2, Pages 113-118

Summer 2012

Teaching Tip
Simulated Audits to Engage Students in IT Governance and Assurance Courses

Jeffrey W. Merhout
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45011, USA

Sarah L. Newport
Columbus, OH 43215, USA

Patrick E. Damo
Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA

Abstract: IT governance - and its related assurance activities - is important knowledge for information systems students to obtain. This teaching tip describes a six-week simulation involving IT assurance professionals from a major certified public accounting firm (and alumni of Miami University) who lead students in an IT risk and assurance class through a mock IT audit. The lessons we learned as we completed the first semester using this case are discussed. One significant lesson we learned is that students will have varying levels of interest in IT audits and will need to be coached through the significance of the case even if they are not planning to pursue a career in audit.

Keywords: Simulation, Information assurance & security, Team projects, Advisory boards

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Recommended Citation: Merhout, J. W., Newport, S. L., & Damo, P. E. (2012). Teaching Tip: Simulated Audits to Engage Students in IT Governance and Assurance Courses. Journal of Information Systems Education, 23(2), 113-118.