Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Enterprise Systems Manuscripts

Volume 35

Teaching Tip: Enhancing Student’s Understanding of Enterprise Systems Using Salesforce
Jason Triche, University of Montana
Tianxi Dong, Trinity University
Jacki Landon, ATG, a Cognizant Company
Ezekiel Baied, ATG, a Cognizant Company

Volume 34

Teaching How to Select an Optimal Agile, Plan-Driven, or Hybrid Software Development Approach: Lessons from Enterprise Software Development Leaders
Gary Spurrier, Bentley University
Heikki Topi, Bentley University

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module Illustrating ERP Item Value Automation
Anil Singh, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley
Vikram S. Bhadauria, Texas A&M University-Texarkana
George Mangalaraj, Western Illinois University

Volume 31

Teaching Tip: Enhancing ERP Learning Outcomes through Microsoft Dynamics
Amir H. Zadeh, Hamed M. Zolbanin, Arijit Sengupta, and Todd Schultz

Teaching Tip: BPIsim: A Hands-On Simulation to Teach Cash-to-Cash Manufacturing Operating Cycle Processes in a Purchasing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Context
Vincent G. Whitelock

Volume 30

Developing a Framework to Understand Student Engagement, Team Dynamics, and Learning Outcomes Using ERPsim
Lauren B. Eder, Yvonne L. Antonucci, and Ellen F. Monk

Volume 29

Relationship between Teamwork and Team Performance: Experiences from an ERPsim Competition
Mark I. Hwang

Volume 26

Teaching Tip: Using a Group Role-Play Exercise to Engage Students in Learning Business Processes and ERP
Yide Shen, Jennifer Nicholson, and Darren Nicholson

Enhancing Learning Outcomes through Experiential Learning: Using Open-Source Systems to Teach Enterprise Systems and Business Process Management
Jennifer Jewer and Joerg Evermann

How does ERPsim Influence Students' Perceived Learning Outcomes in an Information Systems Course? An Empirical Study
Liqiang Chen, Anthony Keys, and Donald Gaber

The Determinants of Student Effort at Learning ERP: A Cultural Perspective
Khaled A. Alshare, Mazen El-Masri, and Peggy L. Lane

Volume 24

The Value of ERP Curriculum Integration: Perspectives from the Research
Michelle Hepner and Warren Dickson

Teaching Case: Enterprise Architecture Specification Case Study
Annette L. Steenkamp, Amal Alawdah, Osama A. K. Gai, Nidal Khattab, Carval Swaby, and Ramy Abaas

Volume 23

A Comprehensive, Competency-Based Education Framework using Medium Sized ERP Systems
Brenda Scholtz, Charmain Cilliers, and Andre Calitz

Teaching ERP Systems: Results of a Survey at Research-Oriented Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany
Christian Leyh

Volume 22

Teaching Case: The Challenge of Implementing an ERP System in a Small and Medium Enterprise: A Teaching Case of ERP Project Management
Hongjiang Xu, Patrick J. Rondeau, and Sakthi Mahenthiran

Hands-On ERP Learning: Using OpenERP, an Alternative to SAP
Ramakrishna Ayyagari

Enhancing Student Learning of Enterprise Integration and Business Process Orientation through an ERP Business Simulation Game
Ravi Seethamraju

Volume 21

Teaching ERP Systems: A Multi-Perspective View on the ERP System Market
Axel Winkelmann and Christian Leyh

Volume 19

Teaching Tip: "One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All": Teaching MBA Students Different ERP Implementation Strategies
Viswanath Venkatesh

Proposing a New Framework and an Innovative Approach to Teaching Reengineering and ERP Implementation Concepts
Robert Pellerin and Pierre Hadaya

Volume 18

Teaching Case: Information Systems Integration and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Adoption: A Case from Financial Services
Wing Lam

Enterprise Systems (ES) Software in Business School Curriculum: Evaluation of Design and Delivery
Ravi Seethamraju

Volume 17

Using a Simulation Game Approach to Teach Enterprise Resource Planning Concepts
Pierre-Majorique Leger

Skill Requirements of ERP Graduates
Todd A. Boyle and Shanna E. Strong

Market Power of ERP Education: An Investigative Analysis
James Sager, James Mensching, Gail Corbitt, and James Connolly

Volume 16

SAP-Related Education: Status Quo and Experiences
Michael Rosemann and Amelia A. Maurizio

A Twelve-Step, Multiple Course Approach to Teaching Enterprise Resource Planning
Alan R. Peslak

Volume 15

Second Wave ERP Education
Paul Hawking, Brendan McCarthy, and Andrew Stein

Appropriating Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Colleges of Business: Extending Adaptive Structuration Theory for Testability
Cynthia LeRouge and Harold W. Webb

Integrating Enterprise Decision-Making Modules into Undergraduate Management and Industrial Engineering Curricula
Diane M. Strong, Sharon A. Johnson, and Jamshed J. Mistry

Enterprise Integration in Business Education: Design and Outcomes of a Capstone ERP-Based Undergraduate e-Business Management Course
Charles H. Davis and Jana Comeau

New Dog, Old Tricks: ERP and the Systems Development Life Cycle
Richard T. Grenci and Bradley Z. Hull

Exploring Process, Enterprise Integration and E-Business Concepts in the Classroom: The Case of petPRO
Catherine A. Hajnal and Robert Riordan

Best Practices of Business Simulation with SAP R/3
Casper Draijer and Dirk-Jan Schenk

Teaching Case: Choosing an ERP-type System for a Belarus Enterprise
A. T. Jarmoszko and Michael Gendron

A Customized ERP/SAP Model for Business Curriculum Integration
Todd Johnson, Alden C. Lorents, James Morgan, and Jon Ozmun

Teaching Tip: Twelve Tips for Successfully Integrating Enterprise Systems across the Curriculum
Jane Fedorowicz, Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., and Catherine Usoff

Enterprise Systems Education: Where are We? Where are We Going?
Yvonne L. Antonucci, Gail Corbitt, Glenn Stewart, and Albert L. Harris

Volume 14

Teaching Case: The Transformation of AT&T's Enterprise Network Systems Group to Avaya: Enabling the Virtual Corporation through Reengineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
E. James Cowan and Lauren B. Eder

Teaching Case: Configuring an ERP System: Introducing Best Practices or Hampering Flexibility?
Olga Volkoff

Volume 13

ERP, Learning Communities, and Curriculum Integration
George Joseph and Asha George

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