Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 15

Volume 15 Number 3, Pages 261-266

Fall 2004

Best Practices of Business Simulation with SAP R/3

Casper Draijer
Dirk-Jan Schenk

HES Amsterdam School of Business
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Abstract: The HES Amsterdam School of Business, Netherlands, is teaching ERP software, SAP R/3, for almost ten years for educational purposes. Eight years ago they developed the first simulation company. Now students can choose to work in one of four ongoing business simulation companies. The content of the paper reflects how the school operates the business simulation companies. The use of SAP R/3 supports the business processes and therefore it is a great educational tool. The course integrates processes, ERP knowledge, best practices and other skills. From a didactical point of view R/3 enables problem based learning, in practicing the business simulation, questions are raised and create a need for theoretic backgrounds and solution strategics. Finally, the other uses of the mySAP Business Suite at the business school are described. They are currently developing a course using BW (Business Warehouse) and SEM (Strategic Enterprise Management) but do not provide discussion on this in this paper.

Keywords: Business simulation, Enterprise resource planning, SAP R/3, Best practice, Business process integration

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Recommended Citation: Draijer, C. & Schenk, D. -J. (2004). Best Practices of Business Simulation with SAP R/3. Journal of Information Systems Education, 15(3), 261-266.