Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Database and Data Modeling Manuscripts

Volume 34

Teaching Tip: Teaching NoSQL Databases in a Database Course for Business Students
Hai Wang, Saint Mary’s University
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Volume 33

Teaching Case: Design and Development of a Special Population Resource Connection Database
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

Volume 31

Improved Teaching of Database Schema Modeling by Visualizing Changes in Levels of Abstraction
Adi Katz

Constructive Use of Errors in Teaching the UML Class Diagram in an IS Engineering Course
Ronit Shmallo and Tammar Shrot

Teaching Case: Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case
Siva Sankaran and Thomas L. Wedel

Volume 30

Query Structure and Data Model Mapping Errors in Information Retrieval Tasks
Gretchen I. Casterella and Leo Vijayasarathy

Teaching Tip: A Notation for Planning SQL Queries
Toni Taipalus

Teaching Tip: “The Data Shuffle”: Using Playing Cards to Illustrate Data Management Concepts to a Broad Audience
David Agogo and Jesse Anderson

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of Database-Centric Online Analytical Process for MBA Business Analytics Programs
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 29

Teaching Case: MiHotel: Applicant Processing System Design Case
Robert E. Miller and Paul Dunn

Volume 27

Teaching Case: Introduction to NoSQL in a Traditional Database Course
Brad Fowler, Joy Godin, and Margaret Geddy

Volume 26

Examining Learning Styles and Perceived Benefits of Analogical Problem Construction on SQL Knowledge Acquisition
Robert J. Mills, Pamela A. Dupin-Bryant, John D. Johnson, and Tanya Y. Beaulieu

Teaching Tip: Active Learning via a Sample Database: The Case of Microsoft's Adventure Works
Michel Mitri

Teaching Case: Adopting the Access Northwind Database to Support a Database Course
John D. Dyer and Camille Rogers

Teaching Case: American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case
Ranida B. Harris and Thomas L. Wedel

Volume 24

Using a Semi-Realistic Database to Support a Database Course
Kwok-Bun Yue

An Experimental Investigation of Complexity in Database Query Formulation Tasks
Gretchen I. Casterella and Leo Vijayasarathy

Teaching Tip: Detecting Plagiarism in MS Access Assignments
Anil Singh

Volume 23

Applying Analogical Reasoning Techniques for Teaching XML Document Querying Skills in Database Classes
Michel Mitri

A Realistic Data Cleansing and Preparation Project
Kwok-Bun Yue

Teaching Case: The Animal Genetic Resource Information Network (AnimalGRIN) Database: A Database Design & Implementation Case
Gretchen Irwin, Lark Wessel, and Harvey Blackman

Volume 21

Teaching Tip: Using Virtual Servers to Teach the Implementation of Enterprise-Level DBMSs: A Teaching Note
William P. Wagner and Vik Pant

Volume 20

Teaching Tip: An Approach to Reducing Cognitive Load in the Teaching of Introductory Database Concepts
John M. Bunch

Volume 19

Teradata University Network: A No Cost Web-Portal for Teaching Database, Data Warehousing, and Data-Related Subjects
Nenad Jukic and Paul Gray

Teaching Case: Knowledge Creation through User-Guided Data Mining: A Database Case
David M. Steiger

Teaching Tip: Clarifying Normalization
Donald A. Carpenter

Teaching Case: The Recovery Care and Treatment Center: A Database Design and Development Case
Ranida B. Harris and Kara L. Vaught

Classroom Minicases: Five Data Validation Cases
Mark G. Simkin

Volume 18

Teaching Tip: Teaching Advanced SQL Skills: Text Bulk Loading
David Olsen and Karina Hauser

Teaching Tip: Specification and Enforcement of Semantic Integrity Constraints in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

The Development of a Teaching Strategy for Implementing a Real-World Business Project into Database Course
Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi, Ronnie King, and Eddie Wiseman

Teaching Tip: Recursive Joins to Query Data Hierarchies in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Volume 17

Data Modeling using Entity Relationshiop Diagrams: A Step-Wise Method
Michael A. Chilton

An Alternative Approach to Teaching Database Normalization: A Simple Algorithm and an Interactive e-Learning Tool
Hsiang-Jui Kung and Hui-Lien Tung

Conceptual Data Modeling in the Introductory Database Course: Is it Time for UML?
James Suleiman and Monica J. Garfield

Introducing the Unified Modeling Language into the Information Systems Curriculum
Donald Golden and Victor Matos

Teaching ORDB with UML Class Diagram in an Advanced Database Course
Ming Wang

Employment Analysis of ERD vs. UML for Data Modeling
Hsui-Lin Winkler and Henning Seip

Integrating ERD and UML Concepts when Teaching Data Modeling
Traci A. Carte, 'Jon Jasperson, and Mark E. Cornelius

A Constructivist-Based Approach to Teaching Database Analysis and Design
Thomas M. Connolly and Carolyn E. Begg

The Essential Skills of Data Modeling
Richard T. Watson

Toward a Next Generation Data Modeling Facility: Neither the Entity-Relationshp Model no UML Meet the Need
David M. Kroenke and C. Donald Gray

Notation Usage in Data Modeling Education
Michael Mannino

James Rumbaugh

Data Modeling Education: The Changing Technology
Michael A. Chilton, Roger McHaney, and Bongsug Chae

Volume 16

Teaching Case: Greta's Gym: A Teaching Case for Term-Long Database Projects
Gina C. Green

Teaching Tip: An Active X SQL Resource
George H. Bodnar

Using the Data Modeling Worksheet to Improve Novice Data Modeler Performance
Douglas B. Bock and Susan E. Yager

Volume 15

Teaching Case: A Data Modeling Case: Writers Guild of America, East
Thomas L. Wedel, Ali R. Behnezhad, and Glen L. Gray

Volume 14

Selection and Use of MySQL in a Database Management Course
James W. Denton and A. Graham Peace

Database Tuning and its Role in Information Technology Education
Alexander P. Pons

Teaching Tip: A Simpler Approach to Set Comparison Queries in SQL
Mohammad Dadashzadeh

Teaching Case: E-Business Application Development with Java Technology and Oracle: The Fortune Invest Inc. Case
Ming Wang

Teaching Case: A Database Design and Development Case: Elk County Pediatric Medical Center
Robert M. Ballenger

Teaching Case: A Database Design Case: Teton Whitewater Kayak
Kevin R. Parker

Volume 13

Transaction Management in Distributed Database Systems: The Case of Oracle's Two-Phase Commit
Ghazi Alkhatib and Ronny Labban

Teaching Tip: A Simpler (and Better) Approach to Relational Division
Victor Matos and Rebecca Grasser

Volume 8

Teaching Students how to Find the Candidate Keys of a Relational Database Schema

Volume 7

On Teaching an Object Oriented Database Module in Undergraduate CS/IS Curricula
Billy B. L. Lim

Volume 6

Teaching Database Development with Hypertext
Tod Sedbrook

Volume 5

The Database Project: Maximizing its Value
Bruce Rollier

Volume 4

Check Digits: Domain Implementation in Microcomputer Databases
Richard Hartley, James Scott, and Roger Hayen

Volume 3

What should Universities be Teaching Future End User Liaisons about Database?
Barbara Beccue and Carol Chrisman

Volume 2

Changing Requirements for the Database Course Curriuclum
William P. Cain

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  • Structured Query Language
  • Unified modeling language (UML)