Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 7

Volume 7 Number 3, Pages 113-116

Fall 1995

On Teaching an Object-Oriented Database Module in Undergraduate CS/IS Curricula

Billy B. L. Lim
Illinois State University
Normal, IL 61790, USA

Abstract: As object-oriented technology becomes more and more prevalently used in the computing industry, it is important that the computing science curricula keep up with the technological trend. The literature shows numerous efforts in this direction but few have dealt with object-oriented databases. Much of the efforts are in the areas of incorporating object-orientation into introductory computing courses or integrating special topics courses on object-oriented programming into the curricula. This paper describes the experiences that the author had while integrating object-orientation into a CS/IS curriculum. In particular, it illustrates where and how object-oriented databases can be introduced in an introductory DBMS course by using some object-oriented DBMS prototypes. A sample module for introducing object-oriented databases is also presented.

Keywords: Object-orientation, Database management systems, CIS curriculum, Object-oriented databases, Computer science education

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Recommended Citation: Lim, B. B. L. (1995). On Teaching an Object-Oriented Database Module in Undergraduate CS/IS Curricula. Journal of Information Systems Education, 7(3), 113-116.