Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 26

Volume 26 Number 1, Pages 21-26

Winter 2015

Teaching Case
American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case

Ranida B. Harris
Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN 47119, USA

Thomas L. Wedel
California State University - Northridge
Northridge, CA 91330, USA

Abstract: A nationally prominent woman’s advocacy organization is featured in this case study. The scenario may be used as a teaching case, an assignment, or a project in systems analysis and design as well as database design classes. Students are required to document the system operations and requirements, apply logical data modeling concepts, and design an appropriate data structure for a relational database. The case focuses on a membership administration system with several extended components to keep track of entities such as the Board of Directors and branch committees. The case has been used successfully in the classroom at both individual and group levels. Feedback from students and instructors who have utilized the case indicate that it is an effective instrument that provides a realistic illustration of real-world data modeling without being unreasonably complex. Teaching notes and a suggested solution including data flow diagrams, an entity-relationship diagram (ERD), and a data dictionary are available through the JISE web site.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design, Database design & development, Entity-relationship modeling/diagram, Data flow diagram, Teaching case

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Recommended Citation: Harris, R. B. & Wedel, T. L. (2015). Teaching Case: American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case. Journal of Information Systems Education, 26(1), 21-26.