Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Systems Analysis & Design Manuscripts

Volume 33

Teaching Tip: Scrum Boot Camp: Introducing Students to Agile System Development
Dmytro Babik, James Madison University

Volume 32

Teaching Case: Integrating Systems at We Build Stuff: Analysis and Design Case
Anne Powell and Connie Barber

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of No-Code Business App Development
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 31

Agile Teaching and Learning in Information Systems Education: An Analysis and Categorization of Literature
Jason H. Sharp, Alanah Mitchell, and Guido Lang

Teaching Case: Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case
Siva Sankaran and Thomas L. Wedel

Exploring Which Agile Principles Students Internalize When Using a Kanban Process Methodology
Jeffrey Saltz and Robert Heckman

Volume 30

Invited Paper: A Generalized, Enterprise-Level Systems Development Process Framework for Systems Analysis and Design Education
Heikki Topi and Gary Spurrier

Teaching Tip: Implementing Scrum Wholesale in the Classroom
Corey Baham

Developing Measurable Cross-Departmental Learning Objectives for Requirements Elicitation in an Information Systems Curriculum
Jeremy D. Ezell, Diane Lending, Thomas W. Dillon, Jeffrey May, Carol A. Hurney, and Keston H. Fulcher

Volume 29

Coping with Uncertainty in an Agile Systems Development Course
Toni Taipalus, Ville Seppänen, and Maritta Pirhonen

Origami: An Active Learning Exercise for Scrum Project Management
Christopher Sibona, Saba Pourreza, and Stephen Hill

A Three Cohort Study of Role-Play Instruction for Agile Project Management
Kurt Schmitz

Fostering Cooperative Learning with Scrum in a Semi-Capstone Systems Analysis and Design Course
Alejandra J. Magana, Ying Ying Seah, and Paul Thomas

Scrum-Based Learning Environment: Fostering Self-Regulated Learning
Tanya Linden

Do Pair Programming Approaches Transcend Coding? Measuring Agile Attitudes in Diverse Information Systems Courses
Kuanchin Chen and Alan Rea

Agile in Teaching and Learning: Conceptual Framework and Research Agenda
Jason H. Sharp and Guido Lang

Teaching Case: MiHotel: Applicant Processing System Design Case
Robert E. Miller and Paul Dunn

Volume 28

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis Role-Play Exercise and Assignment
Michel Mitri, Carey Cole, and Laura Atkins

Volume 27

Teaching Tip: Play Ball: Bringing Scrum into the Classroom
Jeffrey May, Jim York, and Diane Lending

Volume 26

Teaching Tip: Managing Software Engineering Student Teams Using Pellerin's 4-D System
Marguerite Doman, Andrew Besmer, and Anne Olsen

Teaching Tip: Making Data Flow Diagrams Accessible for Visually Impaired Students Using Excel Tables
Vicki L. Sauter

Volume 24

Teaching Tip: Using Activity Diagrams to Model Systems Analysis Techniques: Teaching What We Preach
Diane Lending and Jeffrey May

Teaching Case: IS Security Requirements Identification from Conceptual Models in Systems Analysis and Design: The Fun & Fitness, Inc. Case
Janine L. Spears and James L. Parrish, Jr.

Volume 23

Teaching Tip: Using Rapid Game Prototyping for Exploring Requirements Discovery and Modeling
Nikunj Dalal

Teaching Case: Directors Guild of America Health Plan Eligibility: An IS Analysis and Design Case
Siva Sankaran and Thomas L. Wedel

Volume 22

Experiencing the Elicitation of User Requirements and Recording them in Use Case Diagrams through Role-Play
Gay Costain and Brad McKenna

The Systems Analysis and Design Course: An Educators’ Assessment of the Importance and Coverage of Topics
Brandi N. Guidry, David P. Stevens, and Michael W. Totaro

Communication Challenges in Requirements Definition: A Classroom Simulation
Neil C. Ramiller and Erica L. Wagner

Teaching Case: Convention Center Management: A Systems Analysis & Design Course Project
Brandi N. Guidry and Michael W. Totaro

Volume 21

Business Process Elicitation, Modeling, and Reengineering: Teaching and Learning with Simulated Environments
Anand Jeyaraj

Teaching Information Systems Development via Process Variants
Wee-Kek Tan and Chuan-Hoo Tan

Teaching Case: The Rescue911 Emergency Response Information System (ERIS): A Systems Development Project Case
Jason F. Cohen and Franz H. Thiel

Team-Based Peer Review as a Form of Formative Assessment - The Case of a Systems Analysis and Design Workshop
Ilana Lavy and Aharon Yadin

Volume 20

Improving the Communication Skills of IS Developers during Requirements Elicitation using Experiential Learning
Mustafa H. Qurban and Richmond D. Austria

Volume 19

Teaching Tip: First Impressions: An Alternative Way to Start a Systems Development Course
Jack W. Fellers

Volume 18

Involving Software Engineering Students in Open Source Software Projects: Experiences from a Pilot Study
Sulayman K. Sowe and Ioannis G. Stamelos

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis Role Play Case: We Sell Stuff, Inc.
Michel Mitri and Carey Cole

Data Flow Diagramming Skills Acquisition: Impact of Cooperative versus Individual Learning
Anne Powell, Bijoy Bordoloi, and Sherry D. Ryan

Using Reengineering as an Integrating Capstone Experience
Victor Matos and Rebecca Grasser

Volume 17

A Software Inspection Exercise for the Systems Analysis and Design Course
Craig K. Tyran

Large Scale Requirements Modeling: An Industry Analysis, a Model and a Teaching Case
Akhilesh Bajaj

Challenging Students: Reflections on the Development and Delivery of an Undergraduate Module That Introduces the Full Systems Development Life Cycle
Steve McRobb

Pitfalls in Analyzing Systems in Organizations
Steven Alter

Information Systems Development Education in the Real World-A Project Methodology and Assessment
Paul J. A. van Vliet and Leah R. Pietron

Exploring the Learning in Service-Learning: A Case of a Community-Based Research Project in Web-Based Systems Development
Lara Preiser-Houy and Carlos J. Navarrete

An Approach to Teaching Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Pavle Bataveljic, Marian Eastwood, and Heinz Seefried

Contemporary Approaches and Techniques for the Systems Analyst
Dinesh Batra and John W. Satzinger

Invited Paper: Reflections on Teaching Information Systems Analysis and Design: From Then to Now!
David Avison, Melissa Cole, and Guy Fitzgerald

Teaching Tip: Interleaving Modeling and Writing Activities in Systems Analysis and Design
James J. Pomykalski

Systems Analysis & Design: An Essential Part of IS Education
Albert L. Harris, Michael Lang, Briony Oates, and Keng Siau

Volume 16

Contemporary Usage of CASE Tools in U. S. Colleges and Universities
Susan J. Chinn, Scott J. Lloyd, and Eric Kyper

Agile Methodology Adoption Decisions: An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning
John McAvoy and David Sammon

A Constructivist Approach to Information Systems Teaching: A Case Study on a Design Course for Advanced-Level University Students
Franck Tetard and Erkki Patokorpi

Volume 15

New Dog, Old Tricks: ERP and the Systems Development Life Cycle
Richard T. Grenci and Bradley Z. Hull

Volume 14

Simulating Real World Experience Using Accumulative System Development Projects
Wen-Jang Jih

Making the Case: The Systems Project Case Study as Storytelling
Neil C. Ramiller

Simulation and Role Playing with LEGO Blocks
Lee A. Freeman

Introducing Peer Review in an IS Analysis Course
Guttorm Sindre, Daniel L. Moody, Terje Brasethvik, and Arne Sølvberg

Analysis and Design: Assessing Actual and Desired Course Content
William J. Tastle and Jack Russell

Volume 13

A Case Analysis of Real-World Systems Development Experiences of CIS Students
Terry L. Fox

Teaching Tip: End Users and Developers in Systems Analysis and Design
Bassam Hasan

Volume 12

Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis and Design Case: ABC Church
James J. Cappel

Increasing Student Interaction in Learning Activities: Using a Simulation to Learn About Project Failure and Escalation
Urban Nulden and Helana Scheepers

Volume 11

Problem-Based Learning in a Systems Analysis Course
Thom Luce

Using the Internet to Build Realism in Teaching Requirements Analysis
Jeffrey Parsons and K. Dale Foster

Using Polya to Teach System Development Methodologies: Fostering a Role Perspective in IS Students
J. Harold Pardue, Michael V. Doran, and Herbert E. Longenecker

Primary Search Terms Used

  • Agile
  • Data flow diagram
  • Elicitation
  • Information systems development
  • Requirements analysis & specification
  • Software engineering
  • Systems analysis & design
  • System development life cycle (SDLC)
  • User requirements