Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 17

Volume 17 Number 3, Pages 241-248

Fall 2006

Systems Analysis & Design: An Essential Part of IS Education

Albert L. Harris
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608, USA

Michael Lang
National University of Ireland - Galway
Galway, Ireland

Briony Oates
University of Teesside
Middlesbrough, TS1 3BA, UK

Keng Siau
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588, USA

Abstract: Systems analysis and design has been as critical building block in Information Systems (IS) education since the inception of the IS major. Whether it is taught using the traditional or structured approach or the object-oriented approach, it exposes students to the different methods, tools, and techniques used in developing new systems, develops students analytical and problem-solving skills, teaches fact-finding and data gathering techniques, and provides teamwork skills. All of these are valuable skills for systems analysts. This paper introduces the reader of this special issue on systems analysis and design education to the issue, discusses the two approaches to teaching systems analysis and design, and ways that it is taught in the various curricula.

Keywords: Systems analysis & design, IS curriculum, Teaching approaches

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Recommended Citation: Harris, A. L., Lang, M., Oates, B., & Siau, K. (2006). Systems Analysis & Design: An Essential Part of IS Education. Journal of Information Systems Education, 17(3), 241-248.