Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 23 - Table of Contents

Volume 23 Number 1, Spring 2012

11 Invited Paper: Writing IS Teaching Tips: Guidelines for JISE Submission
Diane Lending, James Madison University
Chelley Vician, University of St. Thomas

19 Teaching Case: The Animal Genetic Resource Information Network (AnimalGRIN) Database: A Database Design & Implementation Case
Gretchen Irwin, Colorado State University
Lark Wessel
Harvey Blackburn, USDA - National Center for Genetic Resources

29 Teaching Case: Implementation of an Interorganizational System: The Case of Medical Insurance E-Clearance
Indranil Bose, Indian Institute of Management - Calcutta
Han Liu, Carnegie Mellon University
Alex Ye, Sunyard Systems Engineering Company Limited

41 Does Technology Acceptance Affect E-Learning in a Non-Technology-Intensive Course?
Mari W. Buche, Michigan Technological University
Larry R. Davis, University of St. Thomas
Chelley Vician, University of St. Thomas

51 Technology in the Classroom: Using Video Links to Enable Long Distance Experiental Learning
Michael A. Chilton, Kansas State University

63 An Employment-Oriented Definition of the Information Systems Field: An Educator's View
Ralph D. Westfall, California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

71 Implementation of an Automated Grading System with an Adaptive Learning Component to Affect Student Feedback and Response Time
Kevin Matthews, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Thomas Janicki, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Ling He, Saginaw Valley State University
Laurie Patterson, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

85 An Alumni Assessment of MIS Related Job Skill Importance and Skill Gaps
Jerod W. Wilkerson, Pennsylvania State University - Erie

Volume 23 Number 2, Summer 2012

113 Teaching Tip: Simulated Audits to Engage Students in IT Governance and Assurance Courses
Jeffrey W. Merhout, Miami University
Sarah L Newport, PwC
Patrick E. Damo, PwC

119 Teaching Case: Enhancing Knowledge Integration with REA Modeling in an AIS Project
Sunita Ahlawat, The College of New Jersey
Joyce Vincelette, The College of New Jersey

129 Teaching Case: Directors Guild of America Health Plan Eligibility: An IS Analysis and Design Case
Siva Sankaran, California State University - Northridge
Thomas L. Wedel, California State University - Northridge

133 Recruiters' Perceptions of Information Systems Graduates with Traditional and Online Education
Manouchehr Tabatabaei, Georgia Southern University
Adrian Gardiner, Georgia Southern University

143 IT Leaders: Who are They and Where do They Come From?
Erastus Karanja, Morgan State University
Jigish Zaveri, Morgan State University

165 Experience is a Good Teacher: Integrating Service and Learning in Information Systems Education
Roderick L. Lee, Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg

177 Assessing Information Systems and Computer Information Systems Programs from a Balanced Scorecard Perspective
Dan J. Kim, University of North Texas
Kwok-Bun Yue, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Hisham Al-Mubaid, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Sharon P. Hall, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Krishani Abeysekera, University of Houston - Clear Lake

193 Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Entry-Level IT Workers: A Longitudinal Study
Cheryl Aasheim, Georgia Southern University
Jordan Shropshire, Georgia Southern University
Lixin Li, Georgia Southern University
Christopher Kadlec, Georgia Southern University

205 A Realistic Data Cleansing and Preparation Project
Kwok-Bun Yue, University of Houston - Clear Lake

217 Teaching ERP Systems: Results of a Survey at Research-Oriented Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany
Christian Leyh, Technische Universitat Dresden

Volume 23 Number 3, Fall 2012

243 Planning and Sprinting: Use of a Hybrid Project Management Methodology within a CIS Capstone Course
Aaron Baird, Georgia State University
Frederick J. Riggins, North Dakota State University

259 Improving IS Enrollment Choices: The Role of Social Support
Asli Akbulut-Bailey, Grand Valley State University

271 Lessons Learned form Client Projects in an Undergraduate Project Management Course
Carol E. Pollard, Appalachian State University

283 A Cross-Functional Systems Project in an IS Capstone Course
Michael Maloni, Kennesaw State University
Pamila Dembla, Kennesaw State University
J. Anthony Swaim, Kennesaw State University

297 Plagiarism and Programming: A Survey of Student Attitudes
Cheryl Aasheim, Georgia Southern University
Paige S. Rutner, Georgia Southern University
Lixin Li, Georgia Southern University
Susan R. Williams, Georgia Southern University

315 Introducing Cloud Computing Topics in Curricula
Ling Chen, University of Queensland
Yang Liu, University of Queensland
Marcus Gallagher, University of Queensland
Bernard Pailthorpe, University of Queensland
Shazia Sadiq, University of Queensland
Heng T. Shen, University of Queensland
Xue Li, University of Queensland

Volume 23 Number 4, Winter 2012

341 Teaching Tip: Using Rapid Game Prototyping for Exploring Requirements Discovery and Modeling
Nikunj Dalal, Oklahoma State University

345 A Comprehensive, Competency-Based Education Framework Using Medium Sized ERP Systems
Brenda Scholtz, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Charmain Cilliers, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Andre Calitz, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

359 Information Security Trends and Issues in the Moodle E-Learning Platform: An Ethnographic Content Analysis
Christopher Schultz, University of Maryland University College

373 Increasing Student Performance thorugh the Use of Web Services in Introductory Programming Classrooms: Results from a Series of Qausi-Experiments
Bryan Hosack, Illinois State University
Billy Lim, Illinois State University
W. Paul Vogt, Illinois State University

385 Applying Analogical Reasoning Techniques for Teaching XML Document Querying Skills in Database Classes
Michel Mitri, James Madison University

395 Changing the Introductory IS Course to Improve Future Enrollments: An Irish Perspective
Eoin Whelan, National University of Ireland - Galway
David Firth, University of Montana

407 Exploring Factors that Influence Students' Behaviors in Information Security
Cheolho Yoon, Mokpo National University
Jae-Won Hwang, Kunsan National University
Rosemary Kim, University of California - Riverside

417 Examining IS Curriculum Profiles and the IS 2010 Model Curriculum Guidelines in AACSB-Accredited Schools
Robert J. Mills, Utah State University
Nicole F. Velasquez, Utah State University
Kelly J. Fadel, Utah State University
Corbin C. Bell, Hill Air Force Base