Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Programming Manuscripts

Volume 35

Teaching Case: Teaching Business Students Logistic Regression in R With the Aid of ChatGPT
Chen Zhong, University of Tampa
J.B. (Joo Baek) Kim, University of Tampa

Teaching Tip: Teaching Scrum Product Owner Competencies Using an Experiential Learning Simulation
Mark F. Thouin, University of Texas at Dallas
William E. Hefley, University of Texas at Dallas

Volume 34

Question Driven Introductory Programming Instruction: A Pilot Study
Deepak Dawar, Miami University

A Data-Driven Approach to Compare the Syntactic Difficulty of Programming Languages
Erno Lokkila, University of Turku
Athanasios Christopoulos, University of Turku
Mikko-Jussi Laakso, University of Turku

Teaching Tip: An Example-Based Instructional Method to Develop Students’ Problem-Solving Efficacy in an Introductory Programming Course
Pratibha Menon, Pennsylvania Western University

Volume 33

Apply Small Teaching Tactics in an Introductory Programming Course: Impact on Learning Performance
Yabing Jiang, Florida Gulf Coast University

Teaching Tip: Improving Student Performance by Introducing a No-Code Approach: A Course Unit of Decision Support Systems
Hai Wang, Saint Mary’s University
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Volume 32

First Course Programming Languages within US Business College MIS Curricula
Tim C. Smith and Leslie Jones

Teaching Tip: A Teaching Module of No-Code Business App Development
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 31

Teaching Tip: Teaching Introductory Programming from A to Z: Twenty-Six Tips from the Trenches
Xihui Zhang, John D. Crabtree, Mark G. Terwilliger, and Janet T. Jenkins

Teaching Tip: Teaching Programming to the Post-Millennial Generation: Pedagogic Considerations for an IS Course
Madhav Sharma, David Biros, Surya Ayyalasomayajula, and Nikunj Dalal

Experiences in Using a Multiparadigm and Multiprogramming Approach to Teach an Information Systems Course on Introduction to Programming
Juan Gutiérrez-Cárdenas

Volume 29

Scrum-Based Learning Environment: Fostering Self-Regulated Learning
Tanya Linden, Swinburne University of Technology

Do Pair Programming Approaches Transcend Coding? Measuring Agile Attitudes in Diverse Information Systems Courses
Kuanchin Chen, Western Michigan University
Alan Rea, Western Michigan University

Volume 25

The Role of Delivery Methods on the Perceived Learning Performance and Satisfaction of IT Students in Software Programming Courses
Wu He and Cherng-Jyh Yen

Volume 24

Mobile App Development to Increase Student Engagement and Problem Solving Skills
Sonal Dekhane, Xin Xu, and Mai T. Tsoi

Teaching Introductory Programming to IS Students: The Impact of Teaching Approaches on Learning Performance
Xihui Zhang, Chi Zhang, Thomas F. Stafford, and Ping Zhang

Volume 23

Increasing Student Performance through the Use of Web Services in Introductory Programming Classrooms: Results from a Series of Quasi-Experiments
Bryan Hosack, Billy Lim, and W. Paul Vogt

Plagiarism and Programming: A Survey of Student Attitudes
Cheryl L. Aasheim, Paige S. Rutner, Lixin Li, and Susan R. Williams

Volume 22

Design and Delivery of Multiple Server-Side Computer Languages Course
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Volume 21

Using the Same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments: An Empirical Study of its Effectiveness
Michael Newby and ThuyUyen H. Nguyen

Teaching Case: Teaching Software Componentization: A Bar Chart Java Bean
Michel Mitri

Teaching Tip: Using Cascading Style Sheets to Design a Fly-Out Menu with Microsoft Visual Studio
Chang Liu and Charles Downing

Experience on Mashup Development with End User Programming Environment
Kwok-Bun Yue

Volume 20

Interpreting Beyond Syntactics: A Semiotic Learning Model for Computer Programming Languages
Jeffrey May and Gurpreet Dhillon

Teaching Tip: CFC (Comment-First-Coding): A Simple yet Effective Method for Teaching Programming to Information Systems Students
Arijit Sengupta

Volume 19

Student Monks: Teaching Recursion in an IS or CS Programming Course using the Towers of Hanoi
Alan C. Benander and Barbara A. Benander

Analysis of Skills Requirements for Entry-Level Programmer/Analysts in Fortune 500 Corporations
Choong K. Lee and Hyo-Joo Han

Volume 18

Effects of a Case-Based Reasoning System on Student Performance in a Java Programming Course
Cecil Schmidt

Teaching Case: Computers-for-edu: An Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Teaching Case
Todd A. Boyle

Teaching Tip: Using the Same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments
Michael Newby and ThuUyen Nguyen

A Learning Research Informed Design and Evaluation of a Web-enhanced Object Oriented Programming Seminar
Stavroula C. Georgantaki and Symeon D. Retalis

Teaching Case: A Term Project in Visual Basic: The Downhill Snowboard Shop
Mark G. Simkin

Volume 17

Visual Basic Programming Impact on Cognitive Development of College Students
Garry White

Teaching Tip: Incorporating ASP.Net in an Information Systems Curriculum
David C. Wallace and James R. Wolf

Teaching Tip: Object-Oriented Programming Principles and the Java Class Library
Thomas P. Cavaiani

Teaching Object-Oriented Programming Concepts using Visual Basic .NET
Albert D. Ritzhaupt and Ron J. Zucker

The Memory Grid: A Glass Box View of Data Representation
T. Grandon Gill

Teaching Tip: Implementing Virtual Pair Programming in E-Learning Environment
Abdullah Mohd Zin, Sufian Idris, and Nantha Kumar Subramaniam

Volume 16

Personality and Programming
Amy B. Woszczynski, Tracy C. Guthrie, and Sherri Shade

An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Testing in an Entry-Level Computer Programming Class
Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Tip: Data Validation Matrix for Programming Courses
John F. Schrage

Faculty Attitudes toward COBOL and its Place among other Programming Languages in the AACSB Business College Curriculum within the United States
Paula Ruby

Teaching Tip: Hands-On Testing in Visual Basic Courses
Qi Yang and Joe Clifton

Volume 15

Teaching Case: A First Case Project in Visual Basic.Net: Preparing an Income Tax Return
Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Flowcharting with FlowC
T. Grandon Gill

Volume 14

Faculty and Industry Conceptions of Successful Computer Programmers
Gregory D. Sterling and Thomas B. Brinthaupt

An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Success in Mathematics and Visual Programming Courses
Garry L. White and Marcos P. Sivitanides

How well do Multiple Choice Tests Evaluate Student Understanding in Computer Programming Classes?
William L. Kuechler and Mark G. Simkin

Teaching Case: E-Business Application Development with Java Technology and Oracle: The Fortune Invest Inc. Case
Ming Wang

Improving the Learning Environment in Beginning Programming Classes: An Experiment in Gender Equity
Thad Crews and Jeff Butterfield

Volume 13

Teaching Tip: Simplifying Batch Outputting in COBOL
Barbara Russel

A Theory of the Relationships between Cognitive Requirements of Computer Programming Languages and Programmers' Cognitive Characteristics
Garry L. White and Marcos P. Sivitanides

Volume 12

An Approach to Teaching Multiple Computer Languages
Shouhong Wang

Reducing Effects of Plagiarism in Programming Classes
Kevin W. Bowyer and Lawrence O. Hall

Volume 10

Teaching Tip: Visual Basic Jump Start
Marty McClelland

YES: Women do have an Aptitude for Programming!
Charles L. Geigner and Thomas P. Schambach

What do IT Professionals Think About the Future of COBOL?
Ron Kizior

Volume 7

Introducing Object Based Concepts in a COBOL Course

Restructuring Programming Instruction in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum: One Department Approach
John K. Gotwals and Carlin R. Smith, Jr.

Assessing the Impact of Course-Related Electronic Communications on Student Performance in an Introductory Programming Coruse
Robert A. Clark and Lawrence W. Scott

Volume 6

The Resurgence of COBOL: Considerations for the Future
Ronald J. Kizior

Textbook Treatment of Structured Programming Standards and Guidelines
Douglas J. Leif

Volume 5

An Object Oriented Information Systems Course
T. M. Rajkumar

Bringing Object-Oriented Programming into the Undergraduate Computer Information Systems Curriculum
John K. Gotwals and Mark W. Smith

Volume 3

Introduction to Programming using dBase
Sasa M. Dekleva

Volume 2

Does Instruction in Computer Programming Improve Problem Solving Ability
Craig A. VanLengen and Cleborne D. Maddux

A Fourth Generation Approach to the Introductory Programming Course
Fred K. Augustine and Theodore J. Surynt

Volume 1

COBOL: Still the Major Language for Business Applications Programmers
Laurie MacDonald

Teaching On-Line Application Programming using CICS
Sandra Poindexter

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