Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 7 - Table of Contents

Volume 7, Number 1, Spring 1995

12 Implied Creativity No Longer Appropriate for I.S. Curriculum
J. Daniel Couger, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

16 Assessing the Impact of Course-Related Electronic Communications on Student Performance in an Introductory Programming Course
Robert A. Clark, State University of New York - Buffalo
Lawrence W. Scott, State University of New York - Buffalo

20 Beyond the Introductory Information Systems Course: A Mini Series for Business Students
Robert DeMichiell, Fairfield University
Seth Lewis, Personal Computer Support, Inc.

26 A Managerial Perspective on the Information Technology Needs of End-Users
Chung S. Kim, Southwest Missouri State University
Nancy K. Keith, Southwest Missouri State University
Neil E. Swanson, Southwest Missouri State University

30 Drivers' Ed for the Information Highway: A Required Course for MBA Students
Lisa M. Lehman, University of Alaska - Fairbanks

34 Integrating Expert Systems throughout the Undergraduate Curriculum
Jay Liebowitz, James Madison University

38 Verbal Communications Skills Requirements for Information Systems Professionals
Marcos P. Sivitanides, Southwest Texas State University
James R. Cook, Southwest Texas State University
Roy B. Martin, Southwest Texas State University
Beverly A. Chiodo, Southwest Texas State University
Frank Landram, West Texas State University

Volume 7, Number 2, Summer 1995

58 Ethics in Information Systems: A Framework for Evaluation
Sanjeev Phukan, Bemidji State University

63 Using CSCW Technology to Connect Classrooms
Amita Goyal, Virginia Commonwealth University
Alka R. Harriger, Purdue University

67 Restructuring Programming Instruction in the Computer Information Systems Curriculum: One Department Approach
John K. Gotwals, Purdue University
Carlin R. Smith, Jr., Purdue University

73 Deliverable, Low-Cost Student Response Systems
Curtis A. Carver, Jr., United States Military Academy
Eugene K. Ressler, United States Military Academy
Mark A. Biehler, United States Military Academy

Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 1995

88 Case Feedback in Support of Learning a Systems Development Methodology
David J. Jankowski, California State University - San Marcos

91 Connecting Geographically Dispersed Classrooms for Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Alka Harriger, Purdue University
Amita Goyal, Virginia Commonwealth University

96 A Decision Support System for Student Transfer Advising
Kieran Mathieson, Oakland University
Albert L. Lederer, University of Kentucky

102 Future Software Training Needs: Contrast in Needs as Perceived by Business and Academia
Abbas Heiat, Montana State University Billings
Nafisseh Heiat, Montana State University Billings
Jan Spicer, Montana State University Billings

108 Active Learning in Business Education with, through, and about Technology
Leonard M. Jessup, Indiana University
Joy L. Egbert, Indiana University

113 On Teaching an Object Oriented Database Module in Undergraduate CS/IS Curricula
Billy B. L. Lim, Illinois State University

Volume 7, Number 4, Winter 1995

124 Agenda for the Study and Teaching of Information Technology Ethics
Effy OZ, Wayne State University

131 Are Programs of Assessment and Continuous Improvement Really Worth the Effort?
R. M. Richards, University of North Texas

135 Enhancing Student Creativity in Information Systems Education: The Active Learning Approach
Amita Goyal, Virginia Commonwealth University

140 Group Collaboration in Information Systems Class Projects: Survey and Critical Success Factors
Dien D. Phan, St. Cloud State University

144 The Integrated and Interactive MIS Classroom: Using Meeting and Presentation Software to Create an Active Learning Environment
Thomas Abraham, Kean University

148 Introducing Object-Based Concepts in a COBOL Course
Gerald P. Marquis, Texas Tech University

154 Re-Engineering the IS Curriculum for the IS Professional of the Future
Eugenia M. W. Ng Tye, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Janice M. Burn, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Louis C. K. Ma, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Ray S. K. Poon, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank