Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 7

Volume 7 Number 3, Pages 108-112

Fall 1995

Active Learning in Business Education with, through, and about Technology

Leonard M. Jessup
Joy L. Egbert

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405, USA

Abstract: In this paper we present a pedagogical approach used for a technology-based undergraduate business course during which students participated directly in the development of a Group Support System (GSS) facility. A GSS is a computer-based information system used to support intellectual, collaborative work and consists of personal computers connected via a local area network with software that enables group members to interactively generate, evaluate, and organize ideas, rank or vote on solutions, and perform other group tasks. This course was designed to teach students to work together within and across teams and to help them to develop and use critical thinking and applied problem-solving skills. In this paper the pedagogical approach and course structure used are described, the outcomes of the course are discussed, and recommendations are offered.

Keywords: Business education, Group support systems, Teamwork, Cooperative learning, Critical thinking, Applied problem-solving

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Recommended Citation: Jessup, L. M. & Egbert, J. L. (1995). Active Learning in Business Education with, through, and about Technology. Journal of Information Systems Education, 7(3), 108-112.