Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 7

Volume 7 Number 2, Pages 73-77

Summer 1995

Deliverable, Low-Cost Student Response Systems

Curtis A. Carver Jr.
Eugene K. Ressler
Mark A. Biehler

United States Military Academy
West Point, NY 10996, USA

Abstract: This paper describes three deliverable, low-cost student response systems - software tools for providing Instructors with immediate feedback on students. Each of these tools has been and Is being developed at the United States Military Academy for similar purposes. First, the software can be used as a lesson structuring tool. Instructors can tailor their presentations to classes based on the results of their students' lesson preparation the night before. This results in classes that are specifically targeted at those subjects the students had difficulty with. As a result, the instructors can better utilize their class period and the students will find the classroom Instruction more valuable. Second, we have used the software during class to validate that the students understand a particular learning objective before moving on to the next learning objective or to tabulate the class' opinion on a student submission anonymously. Due to the automatic, real-time grading of results, the student response system allows greater control over class presentations by providing relevant feedback to the instructor and the student in real-time. Finally, the student response system can be incorporated into courses taught using hypermedia. As before, the system provides critical feedback to the student and Instructor alike and allows for the tailoring of study sessions and course material respectively.

Keywords: CSCW, Email, Internet, Student projects, Teamwork

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Recommended Citation: Carver, Jr., C. A., Ressler, E. K., & Biehler, M. A. (1995). Deliverable, Low-Cost Student Response Systems. Journal of Information Systems Education, 7(2), 73-77.