Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 14 - Table of Contents

Volume 14 Number 1, Spring 2003

5 Teaching Tip: Utilizing Simple Hacking Techniques to Teach System Security and Hacker Identification
Aaron D. Sanders, Clarion University

11 Teaching Tip: The Learning Log
J. Howard Baker, University of Louisiana - Monroe

15 Coming to Grips with the Management of Information: A Classroom Exercise
Jon W. Beard, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Tim O. Peterson, Oklahoma State University

31 Teaching Digital Multimedia as a Component of Business Education
Harold A. Records, Byrant College
Ronald E. Pitt, Bryant College

41 Impact of Web-Based Flexible Learning on Academic Performance in Information Systems
Kay Bryant, Griffith University
John Campbell, Griffith University
Don Kerr, Griffith University

51 Reinforced Learning in the Data Communications Course using a Teleprocessing Line Speed Decision Support Systems
Donald A. Carpenter, University of Nebraska - Kearney

59 Job Titles, Tasks, and Experiences of Information Systems and Technologies Graduates from a Midwestern University
Diane C. Davis, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

69 Improving the Learning Environment in Beginning Programming Classes: An Experiment in Gender Equity
Thad Crews, Western Kentucky University
Jeff Butterfield, Western Kentucky University

77 Analysis and Design: Assessing Actual and Desired Course Content
William J. Tastle, Ithaca College
Jack Russell, Northwestern State University

91 Service-Learning in Information Systems Courses: Community Projects that Make a Difference
John Hoxmeier, Colorado State University
Margarita M. Lenk, Colorado State University

101 Introducing Peer Review in an IS Analysis Course
Guttorm Sindre, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Daniel L. Moody, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Terje Brasethvik, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Arne Sølvberg, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Volume 14 Number 2, Summer 2003

131 Teaching Tip: Put another (B)Log on the Wire: Publishing Learning Logs as Weblogs
Christian Wagner, City University of Hong Kong

133 Teaching Tip: Forming an Effective Information Systems Advisory Board
Kai S. Koong, University of Texas - Pan American

137 Innovative Classroom Practices: Simulation and Role Playing with LEGO Blocks
Lee A. Freeman, University of Michigan - Dearborn

145 Predicting Software Self Efficacy among Business Students: A Preliminary Assessment
Douglas Havelka, Miami University

153 Making the Case: The Systems Project Case Study as Storytelling
Neil C. Ramiller, Portland State University

167 The Use of Role-Playing to Help Students Understand Information Systems Case Studies
Don Kerr, Griffith University
Ashlea Troth, Griffith University
Alison Pickering, Griffith University

173 Computer Availability and Applications in Selected European Business Schools
Scott Markham, University of Central Arkansas
William Kordsmeier, University of Central Arkansas
Rebecca Gatlin-Watts, University of Central Arkansas

181 Simulating Real World Experience using Accumulative System Development Projects
Wen-Jang Jih, Middle Tennessee State University

193 What Information Technology Asks of Business Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Rhode Island
David E. Desplaces, University of Rhode Island
Laura L. Beauvais, University of Rhode Island
Joan M. Peckham, University of Rhode Island

201 Meaningful Information Systems Internships
Donald A. Carpenter, Mesa State College

Volume 14 Number 3, Fall 2003
Special Issue on Teaching Cases

223 Teaching Tip: How to Reduce Plagiarism
Apiwan D. Born, University of Illinois - Springfield

225 Teaching Tip: The Introductory MIS Course: Using TQM to Tame the Widow-Maker
Judy D. Holmes, Middle Tennessee State University

229 Using Cases as a Teaching Tool in IS Education
Ray Hackney, Manchester Metropolitan University
Tom McMaster, University of Salford
Al Harris, Appalachian State University

235 Teaching Case: An IS Capstone Project: The Mywick Property Management System
Martha Myers, Kennesaw State University

241 Teaching Case: Customer Service at SWU's Occupational Health Clinic
Tom Cuyler, University of New Mexico
Laurie Schatzberg, University of New Mexico

247 Teaching Case: The Dag-Brücken ASRS Case Study
Tony Jewels, Queensland University of Technology

259 Teaching Case: The U.S. Treasury Tests a New Payment Mechanism
Ulric J. Gelinas, Jr., Bentley College
Janis L. Gogan, Bentley College
Chuck Wade, Interisle Consulting Group

271 Teaching Case: A Database Design Case: Teton Whitewater Kayak
Kevin R. Parker, Idaho State University

275 Teaching Case: A Database Design and Development Case: Elk County Pediatric Medical Center
Robert M. Ballenger, Washington and Lee University

285 Teaching Case: MetalSpectrum: A Virtual Marketplace for Brick-and-Mortar Products
Joyce Elam, Florida International University
Irma Becerra-Fernandez, Florida International University

293 Teaching Case: E-Business Application Development with Java Technology and Oracle: The Fortune Invest Inc. Case
Ming Wang, California State University - Los Angeles

301 Teaching Case: Bitten by a Bug: A Case Study in Malware Infection
Patricia Y. Logan, Marshall University
Stephen W. Logan, Weber State University

307 Teaching Case: The Jing An Telescope Factory (JATF): A Network Security Case Study
Doug White, Roger Williams University
Alan Rea, Western Michigan University

319 Teaching Case: Configuring an ERP System: Introducing Best Practices or Hampering Flexibility?
Olga Volkoff, Worcester Polytechnic University

325 Teaching Case: The Transformation of AT&T's Enterprise Network Systems Group to Avaya: Enabling the Virtual Corporation through Reengineering and Enterprise Resource Planning
E. James Cowan, Rider University
Lauren B. Eder, Rider University

Volume 14 Number 4, Winter 2003

345 Teaching Tip: A Simpler Approach to Set Comparison Queries in SQL
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University

349 Teaching Tip: Systematic Personal Training by Letting Students Teach each Other
Harald Kjellin, Stockholm University
Terese Stenfors, Stockholm University

353 Teaching Case: Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company: Using Excel Metrics Capabilities to Solve Semi-Structured Management Problems
Douglas L. Dean, Brigham Young University
Paul B. Lowry, Brigham Young University

361 The Integration of Technology Theory and Business Analysis: A Pedagogical Framework for the Undergraduate MIS Course in Data Communications and Networking
Michael Gendron, Central Connecticut State University
A. T. Jarmoszko, Central Connecticut State University

373 Healthcare Information Management Systems Concentration Curriculum Choices: Evaluating the CIO Perspective
Richard D. Lang, Pennsylvania State University - Abington College

381 Database Tuning and its Role in Information Technology Education
Alexander P. Pons, University of Miami

389 How Well Do Multiple Choice Tests Evaluate Student Understanding in Computer Programming Classes?
William L. Kuechler, University of Nevada
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada

401 Selection and Use of MySQL in a Database Management Course
James W. Denton, West Virginia University
A. Graham Peace, West Virginia University

409 An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Success in Mathematics and Visual Programming Courses
Garry White, Southwest Texas State University
Marcos Sivitanides, Southwest Texas State University

417 Faculty and Industry Conceptions of Successful Computer Programmers
Gregory D. Sterling, Middle Tennessee State University
Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Middle Tennessee State University