Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 31 - Table of Contents

Volume 31 Issue 1, Winter 2020

1 Teaching Tip: Applying Team-Based Learning in Online Introductory Information Systems Courses
Samuel H. Goh, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Paul M. Di Gangi, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ken Gunnells, University of Alabama at Birmingham

12 Teaching Tip: BPIsim: A Hands-On Simulation to Teach Cash-to-Cash Manufacturing Operating Cycle Processes in a Purchasing, Operations, and Supply Chain Management Context
Vincent G. Whitelock, Central Michigan University

40 Teaching Tip: Active Learning Using Debates in an IT Strategy Course
David M. Woods, Miami University Regionals

51 Exploring Which Agile Principles Students Internalize When Using a Kanban Process Methodology
Jeffrey Saltz, Syracuse University
Robert Heckman, Syracuse University

61 Data Analytics in Higher Education: An Integrated View
Andy Nguyen, University of Auckland
Lesley Gardner, University of Auckland
Don Sheridan, University of Auckland

72 Experiences in Using a Multiparadigm and Multiprogramming Approach to Teach an Information Systems Course on Introduction to Programming
Juan Gutiérrez-Cárdenas, Universidad de Lima

Volume 31 Issue 2, Spring 2020

83 Teaching Tip: Enhancing ERP Learning Outcomes through Microsoft Dynamics
Amir H. Zadeh, Wright State University
Hamed M. Zolbanin, University of Dayton
Arijit Sengupta, Florida International University
Todd Schultz, Augusta University

96 Teaching Tip: Teaching Programming to the Post-Millennial Generation: Pedagogic Considerations for an IS Course
Madhav Sharma, Oklahoma State University
David Biros, Oklahoma State University
Surya Ayyalasomayajula, Oklahoma State University
Nikunj Dalal, Oklahoma State University

106 Teaching Tip: Teaching Introductory Programming from A to Z: Twenty-Six Tips from the Trenches
Xihui Zhang, University of North Alabama
John D. Crabtree, University of North Alabama
Mark G. Terwilliger, University of North Alabama
Janet T. Jenkins, University of North Alabama

119 Teaching Case: Encounters with Bigfoot on the Strip: The Risks and Liabilities of Online Reviews
Christine Ladwig, Southeast Missouri State University
Dana Schwieger, Southeast Missouri State University

124 Teaching Case: Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan: A Database Design Case
Siva Sankaran, California State University - Northridge
Thomas L. Wedel, California State University - Northridge

131 Evaluating Learner-Centeredness Course Pedagogy in Project Management Syllabi Using a Content Analysis Approach
Erastus Karanja, North Carolina Central University
Donna M. Grant, North Carolina Central University

147 Integrative Learning and Interdisciplinary Information Systems Curriculum Development in Accounting Analytics
Joseph M. Woodside, Stetson University
Fred K. Augustine, Jr., Stetson University
Valrie Chambers, Stetson University
Monica Mendoza, Stetson University

Volume 31 Issue 3, Summer 2020

157 Teaching Tip: The Development of a Red Teaming Service-Learning Course
Jacob A. Young, Bradley University

179 Teaching Tip: How to Teach Information Systems Students to Design Better User Interfaces through Paper Prototyping
Michael J. Scialdone, Texas A&M University
Amy J. Connolly, James Madison University

187 Teaching Tip: Applied Learning of Emerging Technology: Using Business-Relevant Examples of Blockchain
Michael Milovich, Jr., Rowan University
Jennifer A. Nicholson, Rowan University
Darren B. Nicholson, Rowan University

196 An Agile Framework for Teaching with Scrum in the IT Project Management Classroom
Daniel E. Rush, Boise State University
Amy J. Connolly, James Madison University

208 What Skills do Students Need? A Multi-Year Study of IT/IS Knowledge and Skills in Demand by Employers
Jeff Cummings, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Thomas N. Janicki, University of North Carolina - Wilmington

218 Using Active Learning, Group Formation, and Discussion to Increase Student Learning: A Business Intelligence Skills Analysis
Darryl Romanow, Georgia Gwinnett College
Nannette P. Napier, Georgia Gwinnett College
Melinda K. Cline, Georgia Gwinnett College

232 Evaluation of Information Systems Curricula
Jeffrey A. Bohler, Troy University
Benjamin Larson, Troy University
Todd A. Peachey, Troy University
Ronald F. Shehane, Troy University

Volume 31 Issue 4, Fall 2020

244 Teaching Tip: A Foundation Course in Business Analytics: Design and Implementation at Two Universities
Limin Zhang, North Dakota State University
Fang Chen, University of Manitoba
Wei Wei, University of Houston - Clear Lake

260 Teaching Tip: Visualizing IS Course Objectives and Marketable Skills
Dmytro Babik, James Madison University
Diane Lending, James Madison University

269 Agile Teaching and Learning in Information Systems Education: An Analysis and Categorization of Literature
Jason H. Sharp, Tarleton State University
Alanah Mitchell, Drake University
Guido Lang, Quinnipiac University

282 Constructive Use of Errors in Teaching the UML Class Diagram in an IS Engineering Course
Ronit Shmallo, Shamoon College of Engineering
Tammar Shrot, Shamoon College of Engineering

294 Improved Teaching of Database Schema Modeling by Visualizing Changes in Levels of Abstraction
Adi Katz, Shamoon College of Engineering

312 A Longitudinal Analysis of Job Skills for Entry-Level Data Analysts
Tianxi Dong, Trinity University
Jason Triche, University of Montana