Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 25 - Table of Contents

Volume 25 Number 1, Spring 2014

7 Teaching Tip: The Flipped Classroom
Heng Ngee Mok, Singapore Management University

13 Teaching Case: Analysis of an Electronic Voting System
Nik Thompson, Murdoch University
Danny Toohey, Murdoch University

23 The Role of Delivery Methods on the Perceived Learning Performance and Satisfaction of IT Students in Software Programming Courses
Wu He, Old Dominion University
Cherng-Jyh Yen, Old Dominion University

35 Preparing Information Systems Graduates for a Complex Society: Aligning IS Curricula with Liberal Education Learning Outcomes
Jean A. Pratt, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Anthony Keys, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Tyrrell Wirkus, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

45 Promoting Higher Order Thinking Skills via IPTEACES e-Learning Framework in the Learning of Information Systems Units
Pedro Isaias, ADVANCE Research Center - ISEG
Tomayess Issa, Curtin University
Nuno Pena, ADVANCE Research Center - ISEG

61 Special Section on Cyberbulling
James P. Lawler, Pace University
John C. Molluzzo, Pace University

63 Behind the Screen Where Today's Bully Plays: Perceptions of College Students on Cyberbullying
Karen Paullet, Robert Morris University
Jamie Pinchot, Robert Morris University

71 Cyberbullying Victimization among College Students: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis
Jack Rivituso, State University of New York - Cobleskill

77 Review of the Status of Cyberbullying and Cyberbullying Prevention
June F. Chisholm, Pace University

Volume 25 Number 2, Summer 2014
Special Issue on Online IS Education for the 21st Century

101 Online IS Education for the 21st Century
Wu He, Old Dominion University
Guandong Xu, University of Technology
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University

107 Anchoring for Self-Efficacy and Success: An Anchored Asynchronous Online Discussion Case
Nimer Alrushiedat, California State University - Fullerton
Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University

117 Game-Based Experiential Learning in Online Management Information Systems Classes Using Intel's IT Manager 3
Michael Bliemel, Dalhousie University
Hossam Ali-Hassan, Dalhousie University

125 A Case Study of Instructor Scaffolding Using Web 2.0 Tools to Teach Social Informatics
Catherine E. McLoughlin, Australian Catholic University - Canberra
Sultana L. Alam, University of Canberra

137 Lessons Learned from Migrating to an Online Electronic Business Management Course
Kent A. Walstrom, Illinois State University

149 Developing and Applying Smartphone Apps in Online Courses
Gongjun Yan, University of Southern Indiana
Danda B. Rawat, Georgia Southern University
Hui Shi, University of Southern Indiana
Awny Alnusair, Indiana University - Kokomo

Volume 25 Number 3, Fall 2014

173 Teaching Tip: Cultivating and Nurturing Undergraduate IS Research
Stefan Tams, HEC Montréal

181 Teaching Tip: Enhancing Student Engagement: A Group Case Study Approach
Aakash Taneja, Stockton University

189 IS Course Success in Liberal Arts Institutions - What's the Formula?
Suvankar Ghosh, University of South Dakota
Bijayananda Naik, University of South Dakota
Xiaolin Li, Towson University

201 Teaching Information Security with Workflow Technology: A Case Study Approach
Wu He, Old Dominion University
Ashish Kshirsagar, Old Dominion University
Alexander Nwala, Old Dominion University
Yaohang Li, Old Dominion University

211 Promoting Information Systems Major to Undergraduate Students: A Comprehensive Investigation
Lei Li, Kennesaw State University
Chi Zhang, Kennesaw State University
Guangzhi Zheng, Kennesaw State University

221 Teaching Business Process Management with Simulation in Graduate Business Programs: An Integrative Approach
Satya P. Saraswat, Bentley University
Dennis M. Anderson, Bentley University
Alina M. Chircu, Bentley University

233 Towards the Gamification of Learning: Investigating Student Perceptions of Game Elements
Christopher Cheong, RMIT University
Justin Filippou, RMIT University
France Cheong, RMIT University

245 Learning Computing Topics in Undergraduate Information Systems Courses: Managing Perceived Difficulty
Jeffrey D. Wall, Michigan Technological University
Janice Knapp, East Carolina University

Volume 25 Number 4, Late Fall 2014
Special Issue on Healthcare in IT Education

275 The Doctor is in, but is Academia? Re-Tooling IT Education for a New Era in Healthcare
Andre Lee, Loyola Marymount University
Lawrence Moy, University of California - Los Angeles
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University
Joshua Rabang, Creighton University

283 Teaching Case: Hippi Care Hospital: Towards Proactive Business Processes in Emergency Room Services
Kar Way Tan, Singapore Management University
Venky Shankararaman, Singapore Management University

289 Teaching Case: Opportunity out of Disaster
Jacob Cundiff, Miami University
Taylor McCallum, Miami University
Andrew Rich, Miami University
Michael Truax, Miami University
Tamara Ward, Miami University
Douglas Havelka, Miami University

295 Developing Health Information Technology (HIT) Programs and Curriculum: The Sourthern Polytechnic State University Experience
Chi Zhang, Southern Polytechnic State University
Han Reichgelt, University of South Florida - St. Petersburg
Rebecca H. Rutherfoord, Southern Polytechnic State University
Andy Ju An Wang, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

305 Health Informatics in the Classroom: An Empirical Study to Investigate Higher Education's Response to Healthcare Transformation
Noushin Ashrafi, University of Massachusetts - Boston
Jean-Pierre Kuilboer, University of Massachusetts - Boston
Chaitanya Joshi, University of Massachusetts - Boston
Iris Ran, University of Massachusetts - Boston
Priyanka Pande, University of Massachusetts - Boston

317 Bringing Business Intelligence to Health Information Technology Curriculum
Guangzhi Zheng, Southern Polytechnic State University
Chi Zhang, Southern Polytechnic State University
Lei Li, Southern Polytechnic State University

327 Patient Education as an Information System, Healthcare Tool and Interaction
Antti Pirhonen, University of Jyväskylä
Minna Silvennoinen, University of Jyväskylä
Elizabeth Sillence, Northumbria University