Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 25

Volume 25 Number 3, Pages 211-220

Fall 2014

Promoting Information Systems Major to Undergraduate Students - A Comprehensive Investigation

Lei Li
Chi Zhang
Guangzhi Zheng

Kennesaw State University
Marietta, GA 30060, USA

Abstract: Weak enrollment growth has been a concern for many Information Systems (IS) programs in recent years although the IT/IS job market remains strong. Stimulating undergraduate students’ interest to IS programs have been a challenge. In this paper, the researchers took a comprehensive approach to study how to effectively promote a Management Information Systems (MIS) program to undergraduate students at a medium-size public university in the southeastern US. Using a survey-based method, the researchers first investigated the factors that impact students’ selection of majors and identified students’ perceptions on an MIS program. In this paper, an MIS program promotion strategy was then developed and empirically validated. The research results showed that the promotion strategy can successfully stimulate participants’ positive perceptions on the MIS program. The approach presented in this study could serve as an exemplar to other IS programs or other major fields to tackle enrollment challenges.

Keywords: Enrollment, Factors of major selection, Program promotion

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Recommended Citation: Li, L., Zhang, C., & Zheng, G. (2014). Promoting Information Systems Major to Undergraduate Students - A Comprehensive Investigation. Journal of Information Systems Education, 25(3), 211-220.