Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 25

Volume 25 Number 1, Page 61

Spring 2014

Special Section on Cyberbullying

James P. Lawler
John C. Molluzzo

Pace University
New York, NY, USA

Abstract: Cyberbullying should be a concern for any college or university. Cyberbullying is behavior done through digital media by a student or groups of students, communicating aggressive or hostile messages continually and intending to inflict discomfort or harm on another student or groups of students. Cyberbullying is bullying done through the Internet � an issue confronting students of a post-secondary institution. The literature on cyberbullying is focused frequently on middle and high school students, not college students. Increased incident reporting by students in post-secondary institutions may nevertheless be indicating the increased seriousness of cyberbullying in those institutions.

Keywords: Cyberbullying

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Recommended Citation: Lawler, J. P. & Molluzzo, J. C. (2014). Special Section on Cyberbullying. Journal of Information Systems Education, 25(1), 61.