Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 18 - Table of Contents

Volume 18 Number 1, Spring 2007

5 Teaching Tip: Recursive Joins to Query Data Hierarchies in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University

11 Teaching Tip: Web Survey Design in ASP.Net 2.0: A Simple Task with One Line of Code
Chang Liu, Northern Illinois University

15 Classroom Minicases: Two Information Technology Classroom Minicases: Benefits Assessments and Implementation Issues
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

21 Teaching Case: A Term Project in Visual Basic: The Downhill Snowboard Shop
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada - Reno

31 The Emerging Academic Discipline of Knowledge Management
Martin Grossman, Bridgewater State College

39 Technical Projects: Understanding Teamwork Satisfaction in an Introductory IS Course
Nannette P. Napier, Georgia State University
Roy D. Johnson, University of Pretoria

49 Meeting the Challenge of IS Curriculum Modernization: A Guide to Overhaul, Integration, and Continuous Improvement
Sean T. McGann, Ohio University
Raymond D. Frost, Ohio University
Vic Matta, Ohio University
Wayne Huang, Ohio University

63 Competitive Analysis of MIS in the MBA Core: Are Trends Putting Pressure on the MIS Course?
Barry Shore, University of New Hampshire
Warren Briggs, Suffolk University

69 Enterprise Systems (ES) Software in Business School Curriculum: Evaluation of Design and Delivery
Ravi Seethamraju, University of Sydney

85 Using Reengineering as an Integrating Capstone Experience
Victor Matos, Cleveland State University
Rebecca Grasser, Cleveland State University

103 Data Flow Diagramming Skills Acquisition: Impact of Cooperative versus Individual Learning
Anne Powell, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Bijoy Bordoloi, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Sherry D. Ryan, University of North Texas

113 Using Business Games in Teaching DSS
Tal Ben-Zvi, Stevens Institute of Technology

125 Implementing Service-Learning to the Information Systems and Technology Management Program: A Study of an Undergraduate Capstone Course
Kangning Wei, Syracuse University
Jane Siow, Syracuse University
Diana L. Burley, National Science Foundation

Volume 18 Number 2, Summer 2007

145 Teaching Tip: Using Collaboration to Provide Students with an Internship Experience in an Information Systems Course
Patricia Wallace, The College of New Jersey

149 Teaching Case: Information Systems Integration and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Adoption: A Case from Financial Services
Wing Lam, Universitas 21 Global

159 Classroom Minicases: On the Horns of a Dilemma and Executive Hubris
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

163 Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis Role Play Case: We Sell Stuff, Inc.
Michel Mitri, James Madison University
Carey Cole, James Madison University

169 Uncovering Conceptual Gaps in Introductory IS Textbooks
Nik R. Hassan, University of Minnesota - Duluth
Jack D. Becker, University of North Texas

183 The Role of Information Technology in Technology-Mediated Learning: A Review of the Past for the Future
Zeying Wan, University of Western Ontario
Yulin Fang, City University of Hong Kong
Derrick J. Neufeld, University of Western Ontario

193 The Relationship between Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Reasoning in Information Technology Students
Belle Woodward, Southern Illinois University
Diane C. Davis, Southern Illinois University
Flaviu A. Hodis, Southern Illinois University

203 Designing ePortfolio 2.0: Integrating and Coordinating Web 2.0 Services with ePortfolio Systems for Enhancing Users' Learning
Sonya X. Zhang, Claremont Graduate University
Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University
Peter Ractham, Claremont Graduate University

215 Selection of Server-Side Technologies for an E-Business Curriculum
J. Christopher Sandvig, Western Washington University

227 IP Teleconferencing in the Wired Classroom: Gratifications for Distance Education
Thomas F. Stafford, University of Memphis
Keith L. Lindsey, Trinity University

233 A Curriculum for a Master of Science in Information Quality
Yang W. Lee, Northeastern University
Elizabeth Pierce, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
John Talburt, University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Richard Y. Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hongwei Zhu, Old Dominion University

243 A Learning Research Informed Design and Evaluation of a Web-Enhanced Object Oriented Programming Seminar
Stavroula C. Georgantaki, University of Piraeus
Symeon D. Retalis, University of Piraeus

255 Approach to Teaching Research Methodology for Information Technology
Annette L. Steenkamp, Lawrence Technological University
Samual A. McCord, Lawrence Technological University

Volume 18 Number 3, Fall 2007
Special Issue on Enhancing IS Education with Flexible Teaching and Learning

277 Teaching Tip: A Web Browsing Tool for a Shared Computer Environment
George H. Bodnar, Duquesne University

279 Teaching Tip: Using the Same Problem with Different Techniques in Programming Assignments
Michael Newby, California State University - Fullerton
ThuyUyen Nguyen, University of Teesside

283 Teaching Case: Computers-for-edu: An Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Teaching Case
Todd A. Boyle, St. Francis Xavier University

297 Enhancing IS Education with Flexible Teaching and Learning
Sigi Goode, The Australian National University
Robert A. Willis, Malaspina University-College
James R. Wolf, Illinois State University
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University

303 Information Systems Enrollments: Challenges and Strategies
Mary J. Granger, George Washington University
Geoffrey Dick, University of New South Wales
Carolyn M. Jacobson, Marymount University
Craig Van Slyke, Saint Louis University

313 Frontiers for Learner-Centered IS Education
Wai K. Law, University of Guam

321 A Student-Centric Approach to Large Introductory IS Survey Courses
Sharen Bakke, Cleveland State University
Robert H. Faley, Kent State University
Goeff Steinberg, Kent State University

329 Outcome-Driven Experiential Learning with Web 2.0
C. Derrick Huang, Florida Atlantic University
Ravi S. Behara, Florida Atlantic University

337 The Development of a Teaching Strategy for Implementing a Real-World Business Project into Database Course
Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi, University of North Florida
Ronnie King, University of North Florida
Eddie Wiseman, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.

345 Cenralisation of Assessment: Meeting the Challenges of Multi-Year Team Projects in Information Systems Education
Grahame Cooper, University of Salford
Aleksej Heinze, University of Salford

357 Teaching Practices for Effective Cooperative Learning in an Online Learning Environment (OLE)
Damien Hutchinson, Deakin University

369 Improving the Performance of Online Learning Teams: A Discourse Analysis
Ying C. Liu, Choayang University of Technology
Janice M. Burn, Edith Cowan University

Volume 18 Number 4, Winter 2007

393 Teaching Tip: Specification and Enforcement of Semantic Integrity Constraints in Microsoft Access
Mohammad Dadashzadeh, Oakland University

399 Teaching Tip: Teaching Advanced SQL Skills: Text Bulk Loading
David Olsen, Utah State University
Karina Hauser, Utah State University

403 Classroom Minicases: Technical Staffing Crises and Managing Systems Projects
Charles K. Davis, University of St. Thomas

409 Teaching Case: An eCommerce Development Case: Your Company's eCommerce Web Site
Robert M. Ballenger, Washington and Lee University

415 A Longitudinal Investigation of the Effects of Computer Anxiety on Performance in a Computing-Intensive Environment
Mari W. Buche, Michigan Technological University
Larry R. Davis, Michigan Technological University
Chelley Vician, Michigan Technological University

425 Involving Software Engineering Students in Open Source Software Projects: Experiences from a Pilot Study
Sulayman K. Sowe, Aristotle University
Ioannis G. Stamelos, Aristotle University

437 Effects of a Case-Based Reasoning System on Student Performance in a Java Programming Course
Cecil Schmidt, Washburn University

447 Why IS: Understanding Undergraduate Students' Intentions to Choose an Information Systems Major
Wei Zhang, University of Massachusetts - Boston

459 Evolving a Facilitation Process towards Student Centered Learning: A Case Study in Computing
Gary Griffiths, University of Teesside
Briony J. Oates, University of Teesside
Mike Lockyer, University of Teesside

469 Requisite Skills and Knowledge for Entry-Level IT Auditors
Jeffrey W. Merhout, Miami University
Sarah E. Buchman, Protiviti

479 The Effectiveness of Using Computers for Software Training: An Exploratory Study
Shailendra C. J. Palvia, Long Island University
Prashant C. Palvia, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

491 The Implementation of an Automated Assessment Feedback and Quality Assurance System for ICT Courses
J. Debuse, University of the Sunshine Coast
M. Lawley, University of the Sunshine Coast
R. Shibl, University of the Sunshine Coast