Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 18

Volume 18 Number 3, Pages 313-320

Fall 2007

Frontiers for Learner-Centered IS Education

Wai K. Law
University of Guam
Mangilao, Guam 96923, USA

Abstract: The heterogeneous backgrounds and interests of prospective students has been an emerging challenge in Information Systems (IS) education. Pounding waves of technology carried students away from the shores of traditional IS training. Pragmatists avoided the traditional IS programs, many of which struggled among budget reduction, competing training options, and shrinking enrollment. Learner-centered instruction has shown promise in recapturing the interest for IS training, and it could be a powerful instructional tool for the Net Generation, and the technically literate generations following.

Keywords: Motivate, Meaning, Interest, Problem solving, Creative, Demonstrate, IS education

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Recommended Citation: Law, W. K. (2007). Frontiers for Learner-Centered IS Education. Journal of Information Systems Education, 18(3), 313-320.