Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 6 - Table of Contents

Volume 6 Number 1, Spring 1994

12 Graduates Assess Needed Skills and Knowledge for an Information Systems Program in a Small College
Myra Womble, University of Georgia

18 A Plan for a Comprehensive and Integrated Information Systems Curriculum
Shirley Becker, American University
Rick Gibson, American University
Eugene McGuire, American University

22 Object-Oriented Design: A New Approach to Curriculum Development
David Van Over, University of Idaho
Dana L. Stover, University of Idaho

28 The National Research and Educational Network: An Idea whose Time has Come
Judy A. Hill, Purdue University - Calumet

32 Teaching Database Development with Hypertext
Tod Sedbrook, University of Northern Colorado

Volume 6 Number 2, Summer 1994

55 Computer Literacy Topics: A Comparison of Views within a Business School
Chung S. Kim, Southwest Missouri State University
Nancy K. Keith, Southwest Missouri State University

60 Textbook Treatment of Structured Programming Standards and Guidelines
Douglas J. Leif, Bemidji State University

65 Using TQM Principles to Teach Current Topics in Information Systems
Nancy S. Thomson, Northwest Missouri State University

72 Close the Deal and Deliver the System: Sales Training for IS Developers
Theresa Breunig-Silbernagel
Kathy S. Lassila, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

80 Design and Implementation of a Practical Business Oriented Undergraduate Data Communications Curriculum
James E. Goldman, Purdue University

86 Corporate Multimedia and the MIS Course
Robert T. Watts, Idaho State University
Michael G. Smith, Rocky Mountain Multimedia

Volume 6 Number 3, Fall 1994

126 Reengineering Education
Andrew B. Whinston, University of Texas

134 An Approach for Developing Applications in Lotus Notes
Donald R. Chand, Bentley College

142 Global Information Systems: Problems, Solutions, and How to Manage Them
Anthony Flynn, Manhattan College

148 Applying a Framework for Software Development Methods in an Information Systems Curriculum
Mary J. Granger, George Washington University
Ross A. Malaga, Ogden Government Service

155 The Resurgence of COBOL: Considerations for the Future
Ronald J. Kizior, Loyola University - Chicago

Volume 6 Number 4, Winter 1994

174 Information Systems '95: A Summary of the Collaborative IS Curriculum Specification of the Joint DPMA, ACM, AIS Task Force
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama
David L. Feinstein, University of South Alabama
J. Daniel Couger, University of Colorado
Gordon G. Davis, University of Minnesota
John T. Gorgone, Bentley College

188 Integrating Ethics into Information Systems Courses: A Multi-Method Approach based on Role Playing
Richard Glass, Bryant College

192 Developing the Systems Project Course
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University

198 Summer Faculty Internships: An Attractive Faculty Development Alternative
E. Raydean Richmond, Tarrant County Junior College - South Campus
Barbara B. Crow, Tarrant County Junior College - South Campus
Mary Beth Lampe, Tarrant County Junior College - South Campus

202 The Case for the Study of Software Management
Dan Shoemaker, University of Detroit Mercy
Vladan Jovanovic, University of Detroit Mercy

206 An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Intentions to Major in Information Systems
Jonathan K. Trower, Baylor University
G. W. K. Willis, Baylor University
Dovalee Dorsett, Baylor University