Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 6

Volume 6 Number 4, Pages 198-201

Winter 1994

Summer Faculty Internships: An Attractive Faculty Development Alternative

E. Raydean Richmond
Barbara B. Crow
Mary Beth Lampe

Tarrant County Junior College
Fort Worth, TX 76119, USA

Abstract: The objective of any faculty development program is to provide an environment, an opportunity for growth and renewal. At Tarrant County Junior College South Campus, an imaginative program has been established as a partnership between the College and local businesses and industries. Since the summer of 1992, computer science faculty members have participated in summer faculty internships in which they are placed in a local organization for six weeks and work along side the computer professionals of that organization day by day. This internship program provides faculty opportunities for reviving technical skills, learning new skills, observing first-hand the impact of the computer revolution, and rekindling the flame of enthusiasm for their profession and discipline. Results of the first two summer programs are summarized and payoffs both to the host organization and to the academic institution are described.

Keywords: Internship, Faculty development, Two-year college

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Recommended Citation: Richmond, E. R., Crow, B. B., & Lampe, M. B. (1994). Summer Faculty Internships: An Attractive Faculty Development Alternative. Journal of Information Systems Education, 6(4), 198-201.