Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 4 - Table of Contents

Volume 4 Number 2, Summer 1992

2 Outsourcing: Can CASE Technology Stem the Tide?
Kenneth T. Fougere, Bryant College

6 A Course Planning Method to Incorporate Collaborative Learning in Information Systems Courses
James A. Spruell, Central Missouri State University
Louis A. Le Blanc, University of Arkansas - Little Rock

12 Design and Logistics for a LAN Management Course
Kip Canfield, University of Maryland - Baltimore
Pete Schuyler, University of Maryland - Baltimore

17 Check Digits: Domain Implementation in Microcomputer Databases
Richard Hartley, Central Michigan University
James Scott, Central Michigan University
Roger Hayen, Central Michigan University

21 An Information Systems Instructional Model for Supporting the DPMA 1990 Guidelines
Shirley A. Becker, Northern Arizona Univeristy
Eugene G. McGuire, The American University
Larry R. Medsker, The American University

Volume 4 Number 3, Fall 1992

2 Expert Systems: A Quick Tutorial
Joseph Schmuller, CDM-Federal Programs Corporation

5 Teaching an Applied Expert Systems Course: A Content Outline
Jay Liebowitz, George Washington University

11 Instruction in a Postliterate Culture: Multimedia in Higher Education
Douglas D. Short, Institute for Academic Technology

16 Integrating Multimedia Topics in Graphics Courses
T. M. Rajkumar, Miami University

22 Instructional Design for Multimedia
John M. Ross, Indiana University - Kokomo

26 Incorporating Communication Skills into a Management Information Systems Course
Janet F. Laribee, Eastern Illinois University

32 Evaluating Information Systems Documentation Techniques
James A. O'Brien, Northern Arizona University
Craig A. VanLengen, Northern Arizona University