Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 12 - Table of Contents

Volume 12 Number 1, Spring 2001

3 Teaching Tip: Using Concept Maps to Assess Students' Understanding of Information Systems
Lee A. Freeman, University of Michigan - Dearborn
Andrew Urbaczewski, Washington State University

9 Using the Internet to Simulate Virtual Organizations in MBA Curricula
Brian Dobing, University of Lethbridge
Jeffrey Parsons, Memorial University of Newfoundland

15 "So, Where are You from Originally?" Using Ineffective and Inappropriate Questions in MIS Tenure-Track Job Interviews
Mark A. Serva, University of Delaware
Lorraine C. Serva, InfoSystems, Inc.

23 Master's of Science Programs in Information Systems: Match between the Model Curriculum and Existing Programs
B. S. Vijayaraman, University of Akron
H. V. Ramakrishna, Pennsylvania State University - Great Valley

31 Using Groupware in a Classroom Environment
Ben Martz, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Morgan Shepherd, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Ann Hickey, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Volume 12 Number 2, Summer 2001

55 Teaching Tip: The Individual Topic Expert
Denise R. McGinnis, Mesa State College

57 Integrating Student Groupwork Ratings into Student Course Grades
Harry L. Reif, James Madison University
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University

65 Teaching about the Impact of Transaction Volume on System Performance and Capacity Planning
Michel Mitri, James Madison University

73 Managing Beyond the Comfort Zone: An Exploratory Study of IS Project Managers
Tracey Neil, National Bank of New Zealand
Pak Young, Victoria University of Wellington

81 Lessons Learned from Piloting a Computer Literacy Test for Placement and Remedial Decisions
Elizabeth Pierce, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Karl Lloyd, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
James Solak, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

93 Spreadsheet Accuracy Theory
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University
Steven Sheetz, Virginia Tech

109 The Effectiveness of Computer-Based "Game Show" Formats in Survey Courses: A Quasi-Experiment
Alan Brandyberry, Kent State University
J. Harold Pardue, University of South Alabama

Volume 12 Number 3, Fall 2001

129 Teaching Tip: Recommendations for Developing an Online Course
Lissa F. Pollacia, Northwestern State University

133 Integrating Real Practical Experience in ICT Education
E. O. de Brock, University of Groningen

141 Reducing Effects of Plagiarism in Programming Classes
Kevin W. Bowyer, University of Notre Dame
Lawrence O. Hall, University of South Florida

149 Effectiveness of an Integrated Pre-capstone Project in Learning Information Systems Concepts
James W. Denton, West Virginia University
William E. Spangler, Duquesne University

157 Critical Success Factors in Developing, Implementing, and Teaching a Web Development Course
Timothy H. Greer, Middle Tennessee State University

161 Accommodating Cultural Diversity through Educational Software Design
Benita Cox, Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine

Volume 12 Number 4, Winter 2001

191 Teaching Tip: Using the OSI Model to Teach Problem Solving
Thomas P. Cavaiani, Boise State University

193 Preparing MIS Students for a Global Economy
Bruce Rollier, University of Baltimore

201 An Approach to Teaching Multiple Computer Languages
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

213 IT Instruction Methodology and Minimum Competency for Accounting Students
Robert B. Jackson, Brigham Young University
J. Owen Cherrington, Brigham Young University

223 Increasing Student Interaction in Learning Activities: Using a Simulation to Learn about Project Failure and Escalation
Urban Nuldén, Göteborg University
Helana Scheepers, Monash University

233 Teaching Case: A Systems Analysis and Design Case: ABC Church
James J. Cappel, Central Michigan University