Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 12

Volume 12 Number 4, Pages 213-222

Winter 2001

IT Instruction Methodology and Minimum Competency for Accounting Students

Robert B. Jackson
J. Owen Cherrington

Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84602, USA

Abstract: Information Systems education has long been recognized as an important aspect of accounting education for prospective accountants, and is even more critical in our rapidly changing environment. Brigham Young University has three courses to provide accounting students in the 150 hour Master of Accountancy program with the necessary IT skills. The final class is a capstone course to provide enhanced IT skills to students immediately before graduation. This course is taught cafeteria style allowing students to select which IT topics to study and to develop skills from a menu of options. In this paper, we explain how the course is structured. Results of a survey of recent graduates are presented which indicates which topics are most helpful in their employment. It also indicates that the course is generally meeting its objectives to better prepare students for their first job. Based on the survey results, areas of improvement are also identified.

Keywords: Teaching technology, Accounting education, Accounting competencies, Distance education, Virtual learning

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Recommended Citation: Jackson, R. B. & Cherrington, J. O. (2001). IT Instruction Methodology and Minimum Competency for Accounting Students. Journal of Information Systems Education, 12(4), 213-222.