Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 10 - Table of Contents

Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 1999

3 Teaching Tip: Using Reflection Papers for Continuous Improvement
Craig Van Slyke, Ohio University
Rosann W. Collins, University of South Florida

4 Teaching Evaluation: Acknowledging the New Realities in the Modern Business School Classroom
Mark A. Serva, Baylor University
Mark A. Fuller, Baylor University

10 Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Information Systems Professionals: An Exploratory Study
E. Reed Doke, Southwest Missouri State University
Susan Rebstock Williams, Georgia Southern University

19 What Do IT Professionals Think About the Future of COBOL?
Ronald J. Kizior, Loyola University Chicago

23 The Stresses and Politics of Project Management: A Systems Analysis and Design Simulation
Mark A. Serva, Baylor University

Volume 10, Number 2, Summer 1999

3 Teaching Tip: Using Humor in the Classroom
Kevin L. Elder, Ohio University

5 IS'2000: On Updating the IS'97 Model Curriculum for Undergraduate Programs of Information Systems
Herbert E. Longenecker, Jr., University of South Alabama
David L. Feinstein, University of South Alabama
Brandon Haigood, University of South Alabama
Jeffrey Landry, University of South Alabama

8 Improving Student Satisfaction in Large-sized Classes through a Computer Mediated Communications System
Thomas Janicki, University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Geoffrey Steinberg, Kent State University

13 Effectiveness of Web Based Instruction for ESL Students: An Empirical Study wtih Focus on Gender, Ethnicity and Instructional Media
Siva R. Sankaran, California State University - Northridge
Tung X. Bui, University of Hawaii

20 A Process for Modeling the Analysis of Information Systems with the Unified Modeling Language
Joseph H. Daniel, Delaware Valley College

23 Changing the CIS Academic Culture: Using Senior Design Projects to Unify the Curriculum
Roy J. Daigle, University of South Alabama
Michael V. Doran, University of South Alabama
Robert M. Ryder, University of South Alabama

28 YES: Women do have an Aptitude for Programming!
Charles L. Geigner, Illinois State University
Thomas P. Schambach, Illinois State University

Volume 10, Number 3-4, Fall 1999

4 Teaching Tip: Visual Basic Jump Start
Marty McClelland, North Carolina Central University

6 Graduate IS Curriculum for the Millenium: Background, Process and Recommendation
John T. Gorgone, Bentley College
Paul Gray, Claremont Graduate University

12 Correlated Factors of Success: Personality, Creativity and Academic Achievement Among IS Students
Michael A. Hignite, Southwest Missouri State University
John W. Satzinger, Southwest Missouri State University
Thomas M. Margavio, Southwest Missouri State University

21 Incorporating Visual Design into Information Systems Courses: A Practical Primer Reshaping the Human, Computer Interface Design Curriculum
John Campbell Finnegan, Purdue University
Jeffrey A. Griffin, Purdue University

36 Teaching Teamwork in Information Systems Courses
Craig Van Slyke, Ohio University
Ken Trimmer, Idaho State University
Marcy Kittner, University of Tampa

47 The Impact of Perceived Computing Security on Ethical Behavior: A Unit of Study for MIS Students
Randall S. Sexton, Southwest Missouri State University
Brian J. Reithel, University of Mississippi
Ann L. Canty, University of Mississippi

55 Three Systems Analysis and Development Courses Are Needed in the Information Systems Curriculum: Course Content Described
Jack Russell, Northwestern State University