Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 15

Volume 15 Number 4, Pages 357-364

Winter 2004

Effectiveness of an Interactive Application to Assist Learning: A Test Case

Raafat G. Saade
Dennis Kira

Concordia University
Montreal, H3G 1M8, Canada

Abstract: Advances in computer technologies have made it possible to develop computer-aided learning tools for enhanced learning. Today, most researchers in the field of educational technology seem to be preoccupied with either the development of Artificial Intelligence applications or the representation of various learning theories such as constructivism by a computer program. The enthusiasm to develop technologically advanced learning tools resulted in technologies with limited application. The need to develop simple computer-based tools to assist instruction and demonstrate its effectiveness to enhance learning is paramount. Moreover, those tools need to be designed and integrated into a pedagogical framework. As a result, the instructor transforms into a content facilitator with altered needs. This paper presents the design and use of an interactive computer-aided learning tool for enhanced learning. Two participant groups were randomly selected. One group was allowed to use the interactive computer-aided tool prior to a test, while the second group was not. Performance of the groups was compared. Results revealed a higher mean test score for group one. The impact of the tool on test scores was found to be significant. The findings have direct implications on the design, development, testing and implementation of interactive computer-aided learning tools and on today's transforming roles of educators and learners.

Keywords: Interaction, Learning, Computer-aided, Education, Application, Learning tools

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Recommended Citation: Saade, R. G. & Kira, D. (2004). Effectiveness of an Interactive Application to Assist Learning: A Test Case. Journal of Information Systems Education, 15(4), 357-364.