Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 15

Volume 15 Number 2, Pages 189-204

Summer 2004

Critical Factors Affecting Job Offers for New MIS Graduates

Xiang Fang
Sooun Lee

Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056, USA

Ted E. Lee
University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152, USA

Wayne Huang
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701, USA

Abstract: Due to the sharp IT budget cuts in corporate America, the slowing economy, and the offshore outsourcing trend, job opportunities for MIS graduates have become scarcer in recent years. In addition to having good academic performance, MIS students have adopted aggressive approaches, such as MIS internships, double majors, and more technical course work, to securing employment. However, research on the critical factors affecting MIS full-time job offers has not received enough attention, and little empirical research is currently available. This study intends to explore this important issue using a survey research methodology. 742 seniors majoring in MIS were surveyed in three different US universities and 213 seniors actually participated in the survey. The critical factors identified in this study include internship experience, the nature of internship experience, double majors, the time when students declare their MIS majors, grade point average, and gender difference. The research findings in this study indicate that student GPA, networking-oriented internship, and double majors are identified as the key items influencing MIS full time job offers.

Keywords: MIS, Full-time job offers, Internship, Double majors, Gender, Grade Point Average, Nature of MIS internship

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Recommended Citation: Fang, X., Lee, S., Lee, T. E., & Huang, W. (2004). Critical Factors Affecting Job Offers for New MIS Graduates. Journal of Information Systems Education, 15(2), 189-204.