Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Security and Cybersecurity Manuscripts

Volume 34

Teaching Tip: What You Need to Know about Gamification Process of Cybersecurity Hands-on Lab Exercises: Lessons and Challenges
J.B. (Joo Baek) Kim, University of Tampa
Chen Zhong, University of Tampa
Hong Liu, Indiana University Kokomo

Teaching Tip: Hook, Line, and Sinker – The Development of a Phishing Exercise to Enhance Cybersecurity Awareness
Jacob A. Young, Bradley University
Sahar Farshadkhah, University of Illinois Springfield

Examining the Cyber Skills Gap: An Analysis of Cybersecurity Positions by Sub-Field
Christopher A. Ramezan, West Virginia University

Aligning Cybersecurity in Higher Education with Industry Needs
Gelareh Towhidi, University of West Georgia
Jeannie Pridmore, University of West Georgia

Volume 33

Teaching Case: Information Security Management in Distress at SkillPlat
Ivano Bongiovanni, University of Queensland

SOC It to ‘Em: Bringing a Security Operations Center onto a University Campus
Jim Marquardson, Northern Michigan University

Volume 32

Cybersecurity, Technology, and Society: Developing an Interdisciplinary, Open, General Education Cybersecurity Course
Brian K. Payne, Wu He, Cong Wang, D. E. Wittkower, and Hongyi Wu

A Process-Based Approach to ABET Accreditation: A Case Study of a Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Program
Abdullah M. Almuhaideb and Saqib Saeed

Teaching Case: Making the Grade: Using COBIT to Study Computer Crime at Bucks County Community College (Pennsylvania)
M. Elizabeth Haywood

Collective Learning for Developing Cyber Defense Consciousness: An Activity System Analysis
Melissa Gross and Shuyuan M. Ho

Volume 31

Teaching Tip: The Development of a Red Teaming Service-Learning Course
Jacob A. Young

Volume 29

Teaching Tip: Gaining Real-World Experience in Information Security: A Roadmap for a Service-Learning Course
Janine L. Spears

Teaching Case: Security Breach at Target
Miloslava Plachkinova and Chris Maurer

Volume 28

Is Seeing Believing? Training Users on Information Security: Evidence from Java Applets
Ramakrishna Ayyagari and Norilyz Figueroa

Maintaining a Cybersecurity Curriculum: Professional Certifications as Valuable Guidance
Kenneth J. Knapp, Christopher Maurer, and Miloslava Plachkinova

Learning Outcomes for Cyber Defense Competitions
Amy B. Woszczynksi and Andrew Green

Volume 27

Design and Emergence of a Pedagogical Online InfoSec Laboratory as an Ensemble Artefact
Sarfraz Iqbal

Volume 26

Social Representations of Cybersecurity by University Students and Implications for Instructional Design
Suzanne D. Pawlowski and Yoonhyuk Jung

Using Bloom's and Webb's Taxonomies to Integrate Emerging Cybersecurity Topics into a Computic Curriculum
Mark A. Harris and Karen P. Patten

Volume 25

Teaching Information Security with Workflow Technology – A Case Study Approach
Wu He, Ashish Kshirsagar, Alexander Nwala, and Yaohang Li

Volume 24

Teaching Case: Do you take Credit Cards? Security and Compliance for the Credit Card Payment Industry
Lorrie Willey and Barbara Jo White

Advisory from Professionals: White Hats Chasing Black Hats: Careers in IT and the Skills Required to Get There
Eric Fulton, Cameron Lawrence, and Shawn Clouse

Advisory from Professionals: Preparing Information Systems (IS) Graduates to Meet the Challenges of Global IT Security: Some Suggestions
Jeff Sauls and Naveen Gudigantala

An Undergraduate Information Security Program: More than a Curriculum
Belle Woodward, Thomas Imboden, and Nancy L. Martin

Information Security Assessment of SMEs as Coursework – Learning Information Security Management by Doing
Ilona Ilvonen

The Need to Address Mobile Device Security in the Higher Education IT Curriculum
Karen P. Patten and Mark A. Harris

Supporting Case-based Learning in Information Security with Web-based Technology
Wu He, Xiaohong Yuan, and Li Yang

Teaching Case: IS Security Requirements Identification from Conceptual Models in Systems Analysis and Design: The Fun & Fitness, Inc. Case
Janine L. Spears and James L. Parrish, Jr.

Incorporating Global Information Security and Assurance in I.S. Education
Garry L. White, Barbara Hewitt, and S. E. Kruck

Volume 23

Exploring Factors That Influence Students’ Behaviors in Information Security
Cheolho Yoon, Jae-Won Hwang, and Rosemary Kim

Information Security Trends and Issues in the Moodle E-Learning Platform: An Ethnographic Content Analysis
Christopher Schultz

Volume 22

Teaching Case: Bank Solutions Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: A Case Study for Business Students
Steve Camara, Robert Crossler, Vishal Midha, and Linda Wallace

Volume 20

Teaching Tip: An Inexpensive Device for Teaching Public Key Encryption
Norman Pendegraft

Volume 17

Teaching Tip: Teaching Security Techniques in an E-Commerce Course
Chang Liu and Brian G. Mackie

Volume 16

A Curriculm Design for E-commerce Security
Hyunwoo Kim, Younggoo Han, Sehun Kim, and Myeonggil Choi

Volume 14

Teaching Case: The Jing An Telescope Factory (JATF): A Network Security Case Study
Doug White and Alan Rea

Teaching Case: Bitten by a Bug: A Case Study in Malware Infection
Patricia Y. Logan and Stephen W. Logan

Teaching Tip: Utilizing Simple Hacking Techniques to Teach System Security and Hacker Identification
Aaron D. Sanders

Volume 13

Internet Security Management: A Joint Postgraduate Curriculum Design
Helen Armstrong and Nimal Jayaratna

Educational Requirement Analysis for Information Security Professionals in Korea
Sehun Kim and Myeonggil Choi

Information Security Management Curriculum Design: A Joint Industry and Academic Effort
Ki-Yoon Kim and Ken Surendran

A Popular Postgraduate Information Systems Security Course
Kenneth J. Stevens and Rodger Jamieson

Information Systems Security Education: Redressing the Balance of Theory and Practice
Carol Hsu and James Backhouse

Securing the Commercial Internet: Lessons Learned in Developing a Postgraduate Course in Information Security Management
Sophie Cockcroft

Reengineering an Information Security Course for Business Management Focus
Sunil Hazari

An Undergraduate Business Information Security Course and Laboratory
Michael R. Grimaila and Inkoo Kim

Using ASP-Based Message Encryption Project to Teach Information Security Concepts
Qidong Cao, John S. Davis, Xue Bai, and Orlando E. Katter

Crafting an Undergraduate Information Security Emphasis Within Information Technology
Patricia Y. Logan

Accommodating Information Security in Our Curricula
Ken Surendran, Ki-Yoon Kim, and Al Harris

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