Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 8 - Table of Contents

Volume 8, Number 1, Spring 1996

4 Teaching Tip: How to Teach IS Students to Be More Creative
J. Daniel Couger, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

7 A Classroom Exercise for Testing the Information Systems Manager as Leader: Mentor, Counselor, Coach
Brooks E. Smith, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast
John R. Burch, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast
Diane M. Miller, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast

11 Educating Software Development Professionals: Does Instruction Affect Creativity?
Judy L. Wynekoop, University of Texas at San Antonio
Diane B. Walz, University of Texas at San Antonio

16 Internet Access: A Course Diagram
Michael V. Ekedahl, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
William A. Newman, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

21 Information Systems Knowledge and Skills for the Business Management Undergraduate
Glen L. Boyer, Brigham Young University
Lynn J. McKell, Brigham Young University

29 The Relationship Between Computer Literacy and Education: An Empirical Assessment
Mary C. Jones, Mississippi State University
Rodney A. Pearson, Mississippi State University

33 Teaching Students How to Find the Candidate Keys of a Relational Database Schema
Hossein Saiedian, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Volume 8, Number 2-3, Summer/Fall 1996

3 A Survey of MIS Emphases in MBA Degree Programs
James N. Morgan, Nothern Arizona University
Craig A. VanLengen, Northern Arizona University

9 Computing and Society: An Innovative Teaching Approach
Cathy Bishop-Clark, Miami University

14 Communicating with Multimedia: A Capstone Experience
Susan B. Zahn, Miami University
T. M. Rajkumar, Miami University
Christopher J. Zahn, Miami University

20 Information/Systems and Quantitative Core Courses in AACSB Accredited Business Schools
John A. Lawrence, California State University - Fullerton
Sorel Reisman, California State University - Fullerton

28 The Expert Systems Course in AACSB Accredited Business Schools
Faye P. Teer, James Madison University

33 The Role Played Case: An Experiential Approach to Teaching Introductory Information Systems Development
Chris Cope, La Trobe University
Pat Horan, La Trobe University

40 What to Teach in an Information Systems Curriculum: Depends on Whom You Ask!
C. Randall Byers, University of Idaho
David Van Over, University of Idaho

46 Creating an Ethical Awareness using the Internet
Mary J. Granger, George Washington University
David L. Schroeder, Valparaiso University

52 Entry Level Jobs for MIS Graduates: Implications for Academic Programs
Blaize H. Reich, Simon Fraser University

57 Market Segmentation of Information Systems Academic Programs
Choong C. Lee, Salisbury State University
William J. Kettinger, University of South Carolina
Jean-Pierre Kullboer, University of Massachusetts at Boston