Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 27

Volume 27 Number 3, Pages 175-182

Summer 2016

Exploring Reflective Means to Handle Plagiarism

Nikunj Dalal
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74075, USA

Abstract: Plagiarism has become widespread in the university teaching environment. This article presents practical wisdom from several years of experience handling plagiarism in two Information Systems (IS) courses with the exploratory use of reflective means such as dialogues and essays. There has been very little work on the use of reflective approaches for dealing with plagiarism in general, let alone in IS pedagogy. Based on our experiences, reflective approaches are feasible, promising, and potentially capable of creating transformative change. Plagiarism must be understood in a holistic context. Approaches to prevent, deter, reduce, detect, and handle plagiarism will benefit from the inclusion of reflection and self-understanding in the standard institutional approach based on policies, procedures, and sanctions. Implications for IS educators are discussed. Future directions are suggested.

Keywords: Plagiarism, Academic integrity, Reflective means, Pedagogy

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Recommended Citation: Dalal, N. (2016). Exploring Reflective Means to Handle Plagiarism. Journal of Information Systems Education, 27(3), 175-182.