Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 26 - Table of Contents

Volume 26 Number 1, Winter 2015

9 Teaching Tip: Making Data Flow Diagrams Accessible for Visually Impaired Students Using Excel Tables
Vicki L. Sauter, University of Missouri - St. Louis

21 Teaching Case: American Association of University Women: Branch Operations Data Modeling Case
Ranida B. Harris, Indiana University Southeast
Thomas L. Wedel, California State University - Northridge

27 Teaching Social Media Analytics: An Assessment Based on Natural Disaster Postings
Tiong T. Goh, Victoria University of Wellington
Pei-Chen Sun, National Kaohsiung Normal University

37 Design and Delivery of a New Course of Information Technology for Small Business
Shouhoung Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Hai Wang, Saint Mary's University

47 The Impact of Student Expectations in Using Instructional Tools on Student Engagement: A Look though the Expectation Disconfirmation Theory Lens
Colleen Schwarz, University of Louisiana
Zhiwei Zhu, University of Louisiana

59 Assessing the Efficacy of Incorporating Game Dynamics in a Learning Management System
Raymond D. Frost, Ohio University
Vic Matta, Ohio University
Erin MacIvor, Ohio University

Volume 26 Number 2, Spring 2015

85 Teaching Case: Adapting the Access Northwind Database to Support a Database Course
John N. Dyer, Georgia Southern University
Camille Rogers, Georgia Southern University

103 Data Analytics vs. Data Science: A Study of Similarities and Differences in Undergraduate Programs Based on Course Descriptions
Cheryl L. Aasheim, Georgia Southern University
Susan Williams, Georgia Southern University
Paige Rutner, Georgia Southern University
Adrian Gardiner, Georgia Southern University

117 The Determinants of Student Effort at Learning ERP: A Cultural Perspective
Khaled A. Alshare, Qatar University
Mazen El-Masri, Qatar University
Peggy L. Lane, Missouri Western State University

135 How Does ERPsim Influence Students' Perceived Learning Outcomes in an Information Systems Course? An Empirical Study
Liqiang Chen, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Anthony Keys, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Donald Gaber, University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

147 Should you Allow your Students to Grade their own Homework?
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada - Reno

155 A Complementary Measure of MIS Program Outcomes: Useful Insights from a Student Perspective
Rex Karsten, University of Northern Iowa
Roberta M. Roth, University of Northern Iowa

Volume 26 Number 3, Summer 2015

177 Teaching Tip: Active Learning via a Sample Database: The Case of Microsoft's Adventure Works
Michel Mitri, James Madison University

187 Enhancing Learning Outcomes through Experiential Learning: Using Open-Source Systems to Teach Enterprise Systems and Business Process Management
Jennifer Jewer, Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland
Joerg Evermann, Memorial University of Newfoundland

203 Examining Learning Styles and Perceived Benefits of Analogical Problem Construction on SQL Knowledge Acquisition
Robert J. Mills, Utah State University
Pamela A. Dupin-Bryant, Utah State University
John D. Johnson, Utah State University
Tanya Y. Beaulieu, Utah State University

219 Using Bloom's and Webb's Taxonomies to Integrate Emerging Cybersecurity Topics into a Computing Curriculum
Mark A. Harris, University of South Carolina
Karen P. Patten, University of South Carolina

235 Introducing an M-Commerce Course into the Business Management Curriculum: Experiences and Recommendations
Santosh Nandi, University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
Madhavi L. Nandi, T. A. Pai Management Institute

Volume 26 Number 4, Fall 2015

257 Teaching Tip: Managing Software Engineering Student Teams Using Pellerin's 4-D System
Marguerite Doman, Winthrop University
Andrew Besmer, Winthrop University
Anne Olsen, Winthrop University

265 Teaching Tip: Using a Group Role-Play Exercise to Engage Students in Learning Business Processes and ERP
Yide Shen, Rowan University
Jennifer Nicholson, Rowan University
Darren Nicholson, Rowan University

281 Social Representations of Cybersecurity by University Students and Implications for Instructional Design
Suzanne D. Pawlowski, Louisiana State University
Yoonhyuk Jung, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST)

295 The Impact of the Introductory IS Course on Students' Perceptions of IS Professionals
Asli Y. Akbulut, Grand Valley State University

305 From Tech Skills to Life Skills: Google Online Marketing Challenge and Experiential Learning
Jo-Ann V. Croes, University of Aruba
Melina M. Visser, University of Aruba