Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 22 - Table of Contents

Volume 22 Number 1, Spring 2011

7 Teaching Tip: LAN Configuration and Analysis: Projects for the Data Communications and Networking Course
Fang Chen, University of Manitoba
Mary Brabston, University of Manitoba

15 Teaching Case: Convention Center Management: A Systems Analysis and Design Course Project
Brandi N. Guidry, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Michael W. Totaro, University of Louisiana - Lafayette

19 Enhancing Student Learning of Enterprise Integration and Business Process Orientation through an ERP Business Simulation Game
Ravi Seethamraju, University of Sydney

31 Curriculum Mapping as a Tool for Continuous Improvement of IS Curriculum
Natasha F. Veltri, University of Tampa
Harold W. Webb, University of Tampa
Alexei G. Matveev, Norfolk State University
Enrique G. Zapatero, Norfolk State University

43 Wiki or Word? Evaluating Tools for Collaborative Writing and Editing
Mark Dishaw, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Michael A. Eierman, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Jakob H. Iversen, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
George C. Philip, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

55 Designing an Academic Project Management Program: A Collaboration Between a University and a PMI Chapter
Robin S. Poston, University of Memphis
Sandra M. Richardson, University of Memphis

Volume 22 Number 2, Summer 2011

87 Teaching Tip: GlobePort Faces Global Business Challenges: Assessing the Organizational Side of Information Systems Projects
Biswadip Ghosh, Metropolitan State College of Denver

95 Teaching Tip: An Investigation of Digital Literacy Needs of Students
Klara Nelson, University of Tampa
Marcy Courier, University of Tampa
Gilbert W. Joseph, University of Tampa

111 Teaching Case: Jay's Collectibles
James Cappel, Central Michigan University
Jason R. Gillman, Jr., Liquid Web, Inc.

117 Teaching Case: Bank Solutions Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: A Case Study for Business Students
Steve Camara, KPMG LLP
Robert Crossler, University of Texas - Pan American
Vishal Midha, University of Texas - Pan American
Linda Wallace, Virginia Tech University

123 Hands-On ERP Learning: Using OpenERP, an Alternative to SAP
Ramakrishna Ayyagari, University of Massachusetts - Boston

135 Teach them how they Learn: Learning Styles and Information Systems Education
Casey G. Cegielski, Auburn University
Benjamin T. Hazen, Auburn University
R. Kelly Rainer, Auburn University

147 An Empirical Examination of the Composition of Vocational Interest in Business Colleges: MIS vs. other Majors
James Downey, University of Central Arkansas

159 Design and Delivery of Multiple Server-Side Computer Languages Course
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Hai Wang, Saint Mary's University

Volume 22 Number 3, Fall 2011
Special Issue on Incorporating Ethics and Social Responsibility in IS Education

183 Incorporating Ethics and Social Responsibility in IS Education
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University
Michael Lang, National University of Ireland - Galway
Dave Yates, United States Air Force
S. E. Kruck, James Madison University

191 Information Ethics Education for a Multicultural World
Kenneth R. Fleischmann, University of Maryland
Russell W. Robbins, University of Pittsburgh
William A. Wallace, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

203 Students' Ethical Decision-Making in an Information Technology Context: A Theory of Planned Behavior Approach
Cynthia K. Riemenschneider, Baylor University
Lori N. K. Leonard, University of Tulsa
Tracy S. Manly, University of Tulsa

215 Integrating Healthcare Ethical Issues into IS Education
Leigh W. Celluci, East Carolina University
Elizabeth J. Layman, East Carolina University
Robert Campbell, East Carolina University
Xiaoming Zeng, East Carolina University

225 The Effect of Distributing Electronic Notes to Students: Ethical Considerations Raised by Computer Science Faculty at the University of Namibia
Tulimevava K. Mufeti, University of Namibia
Jameson Mbale, University of Namibia
Nalina Suresh, University of Namibia

233 Using Debates to Teach Information Ethics
A. Graham Peace, West Virginia University

239 Teaching IS Ethics: Applying a Research Technique for Classroom Use
Fred Niederman, Saint Lous University
Sallie Taylor, Saint Louis University
Geoffrey N. Dick, North Georgia College and State University
Lesley P. W. Land, University of New South Wales

253 Teaching Ethical Reflexivity in Information Systems: How to Equip Students to Deal with Moral and Ethical Issues of Emerging Information And Communication Technologies
Bernd C. Stahl, De Montfort University

261 The Effects of Teaching the Universality Thesis on Students' Integrative Complexity of Thought
Tero Vartiainen, University of Oulu
Mikko Siponen, University of Oulu
Liisa Myyry, University of Helsinki

271 Trade Secret Law and Information Systems: Can your Students Keep a Secret?
Lorrie Willey, Western Carolina University
Janet C. Ford, Western Carolina University
Barbara Jo White, Western Carolina University
Danial L. Clapper, Western Carolina University

Volume 22 Number 4, Winter 2011

291 Teaching Case: The Challenge of Implementing an ERP System in a Small and Medium Enterprise: A Teaching Case of ERP Project Management
Hongjiang Xu, Butler University
Patrick J. Rondeau, Six Sigma Associates, LLC
Sakthi Mahenthiran, Butler University

297 Teaching Case: Procyon LLC: From Music Recommendations to Preference Mapping
Susan J. Chinn, University of Southern Maine

307 Communication Challenges in Requirements Definition: A Classroom Simulation
Neil C. Ramiller, Portland State University
Erica L. Wagner, Portland State University

319 The Determinants of the Post-Adoption Satisfaction of Educators with an E-Learning System
A. K. M. Najmul Islam, University of Turku

331 The Systems Analysis and Design Course: An Educators' Assessment of the Importance and Coverage of Topics
Brandi N. Guidry, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
David P. Stevens, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Michael W. Totaro, University of Louisiana - Lafayette

347 IS 2010 and ABET Accreditation: An Analysis of ABET-Accredited Information Systems Programs
Bruce Saulnier, Quinnipiac University
Bruce White, Quinnipiac University

355 An Approach to Meeting AACSB Assurance of Learning Standards in an IS Core Course
Alan N. Attaway, University of Louisville
Satish Chandra, University of Louisville
Brian L. Dos Santos, University of Louisville
Matt E. Thatcher, University of Louisville
Andrew L. Wright, University of Louisville

367 Experiencing the Elicitation of User Requirements and Recording them in Use Case Diagrams through Role-Play
Gay Costain, University of Auckland
Brad McKenna, University of Auckland