Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 16 - Table of Contents

Volume 16 Number 1, Spring 2005
Special Issue on the Maturing of E-Commerce Education in our Curricula

5 The Maturing of E-Commerce Education in our Curricula
Eric W. T. Ngai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Angappa Gunasekaran, University of Illinois - Springfield
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University

9 Teaching Tip: It's All Fun and Games ... Until Students Learn
Anne P. Massey, Indiana University
Susan A. Brown, Indiana University
Jeanne D. Johnston, Indiana University

15 Teaching Tip: A Project Module of E-Commerce Planning
Shouhong Wang, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth
Hai Wang, Saint Mary's University

19 Achieving Significant Learning in E-Commerce Education through Small Business Consulting Projects
Sharon W. Tabor, Boise State University

27 Building Student Skills and Capabilities in Information Technology and e-Business: A Moving Target
Krassie Petrova, Auckland University of Technology
Gwyn Claxton, Auckland University of Technology

43 Framing Electronic Commerce within an Introductory Information Systems Course
Richard T. Grenci, John Carroll University

55 A Curriculum Design for E-Commerce Security
Hyunwoo Kim, KAIST
Younggoo Han, KAIST
Sehun Kim, KAIST
Myeonggil Choi, National Security Research Institute

65 Merging e-Business Solution Framework with CIS Curriculum
Mayur R. Mehta, Texas State University - San Marcos
Jaymeen R. Shah, Texas State University - San Marcos
George W. Morgan, Texas State University - San Marcos

75 A Student-Driven Approach to Teaching E-Commerce
Neil K. McBride, De Montfort University

85 Developing Expertise in E-Commerce: A Content Analysis of Students' Knowledge of Online Auctions
Jonathan Foster, University of Sheffield
Angela Lin, University of Sheffield

93 A Virtual Market for Teaching Electronic Market Concepts in Information Systems Education
David Bodoff, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Paul Forster, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

103 Active Learning Model for Teaching B2B E-Marketplaces
Jože Gricar, University of Maribor
Andreja Pucihar, University of Maribor
Gregor Lenart, University of Maribor

109 Collaborative Project across Three Hong Kong Universities: A Case Study in E-Commerce Education
E. W. T. Ngai, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
C. K. Lok, Hong Kong Institute of Education
E. M. W. Ng, Hong Kong Institute of Education
C. N. Lo, City University of Hong Kong
Y. K. Wong, City University of Hong Kong

Volume 16 Number 2, Summer 2005

129 Teaching Tip: Improving Students' Interest in Learning: Some Positive Techniques
Leslie Leong, Central Connecticut State University

133 Teaching Tip: Hands-On Testing in Visual Basic Courses
Qi Yang, University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Joe Clifton, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

137 Use of a Technology-Mediated Learning Instructional Approach for Teaching an Introduction to Information Technology Course
Donald E. Hardaway, St. Louis University
Richard W. Scamell, University of Houston

147 A Twelve-Step, Multiple Course Approach to Teaching Enterprise Resource Planning
Alan R. Peslak, Pennsylvania State University

157 An Exploratory Assessment of the Pedagogical Effectiveness of a Systems Development Environment
Peter Meso, Georgia State University
Jens Liegle, Georgia State University

167 A Constructivist Approach to Information Systems Teaching: A Case Study on a Design Course for Advanced-Level University Students
Franck Tétard, Åbo Akademi University
Erkki Patokorpi, Åbo Akademi University

177 Test Mode Familiarity and Performance: Gender and Race Comparisons of Test Scores among Computer-Literate Students in Advanced Information Systems Courses
Patricia Wallace, College of New Jersey
Roy B. Clariana, Pennsylvania State University - Malvern

183 Student Understanding of Information Systems Design, Learning and Teaching: A Phenomenography Approach
Ellen Rose, Massey University
Judy Le Heron, Massey University
Indu Sofat, Massey University

197 Peer-and-Self Assessment to Reveal the Ranking of each Individual's Contribution to a Group Project
Yanbin Tu, University of Connecticut
Min Lu, University of British Columbia

207 The Accreditation Process for IS Programs in Business Schools
Chandrashekar D. Challa, Virginia State University
George M. Kasper, Virginia Commonwealth University
Richard Redmond, Virginia Commonwealth University

217 Faculty Attitudes toward COBOL and its Place among other Programming Languages in the AACSB Business College Curriculum within the United States
Paula Ruby, Arkansas State University

231 Demonstration of Parallel Processing Computing: A Scalable Linux Personal Computer Cluster Approach
Jay Rine, West Virginia University
Virginia F. Kleist, West Virginia University
Brian McConahey, West Virginia University

Volume 16 Number 3, Fall 2005

251 Teaching Tip: Using Selected Options of the Ipconfig Command to Teach Network Troubleshooting Techniques
Thomas P. Cavaiani, Boise State University

255 Teaching Tip: Data Validation Matrix for Programming Courses
John F. Schrage, Souther Illinois University - Edwardsville

259 Teaching Case: Network Analysis and Design for Ticket Sales, Inc.
Michael Gendron, Central Connecticut State University
A. T. Jarmoszko, Central Connecticut State University

265 Comparing Web-Based Content Delivery and Instructor-Led Learning in a Telecommunications Course
K. Russel Jones, Arkansas State University
Farhad Moeeni, Arkansas State University
Paula Ruby, Arkansas State University

273 An Experimental Study of the Effectiveness of Collaborative Testing in an Entry-Level Computer Programming Class
Mark G. Simkin, University of Nevada

281 Balancing Objectivist and Constructivist Pedagogies for Teaching Emerging Technologies: Evidence from a Scandinavian Case Study
Hallgeir Nilsen, Agder University College
Sandeep Purao, Pennsylvania State University

293 Personality and Programming
Amy B. Woszczynski, Kennesaw State University
Tracy C. Guthrie, Kennesaw State University
Sherri Shade, Kennesaw State University

301 A Competency Based MSIS Curriculum
Norma Sutcliffe, DePaul University
Susy S. Chan, DePaul University
Makoto Nakayama, DePaul University

311 Designing Knowledge Management Systems for Teaching and Learning with Wiki Technology
Murali Raman, Multimedia Univesity Malaysia
Terry Ryan, Claremont Graduate University
Lorne Olfman, Claremont Graduate University

321 Human Resource Information System Courses: An Examination of Instructional Methods
William J. Jones, University of Kentucky
Robert C. Hoell, Georgia Southern University

329 Teaching with a Scalable, Multidisciplinary Learning Object: A Business School Case Study
Jane E. Klobas, Bocconi University

341 Using the Data Modeling Worksheet to Improve Novice Data Modeler Performance
Doublas B. Bock, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville
Susan E. Yager, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

351 E-Hermes: An XML Tool for the Classroom
Andreas I. Nicolaou, Bowling Green State University
Patricia A. Essex, Bowling Green State University
Madhavarao Raghunathan, Bowling Green State University
Li Liu, Goose Island Beer Company

Volume 16 Number 4, Winter 2005

379 Teaching Tip: Peer Review to Support Assessment in Teams
Sigi Goode, The Australian National University
Seng-Thiam Teh, The Australian National University

385 Teaching Tip: An Active X SQL Resource
George H. Bodnar, Duquesne University

387 Teaching Case: Greta's Gym: A Teaching Case for Term-Long Database Projects
Gina C. Green, Baylor University

391 Analyses of Information Systems Students' Applications of Two Holistic Problem Solving Methodologies
Philip F. Musa, University of Alabama - Birmingham
Vickie C. Edmondson, University of Alabama - Birmingham
George Munchus, University of Alabama - Birmingham

409 Agile Methodology Adoption Decisions: An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning
John McAvoy, University College Cork
David Sammon, University College Cork

421 Multicultural Effectiveness Assessment of Students in IS Courses
Tom Margavio, Southwest Missouri State University
Mike Hignite, Southwest Missouri State University
Duane Moses, Southwest Missouri State University
Geanie W. Margavio, Southwest Missouri State University

429 Contemporary Usage of CASE Tools in U.S. Colleges and Universities
Susan J. Chinn, University of Southern Maine
Scott J. Lloyd, University of Rhode Island
Eric Kyper, University of Rhode Island

437 SAP-related Education: Status Quo and Experiences
Michael Rosemann, Queensland University of Technology
Amelia A. Maurizio, SAP America

455 Practice-Based Learning in Information Systems: The Advantages for Students
Peter Rawlings, University of the West of England
Paul White, University of the West of England
Robert Stephens, University of the West of England

465 An Emerging On-Line "Third Place" for Information Systems (IS) Students: Some Preliminary Observations
Lori Baker-Eveleth, University of Idaho
Daniel M. Eveleth, University of Idaho
Suprateek Sarker, Washington State University