Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 13

Volume 13 Number 1, Pages 21-28

Spring 2002

A Study of the Demand for Information Technology Professionals in Selected Internet Job Portals

Kai S. Koong
Lai C. Liu

Southern University at New Orleans
New Orleans, LA 70126, USA

Xia Liu
FYI.Net, Incorporated
Houston, TX 77027, USA

Abstract: The demand for information technology (IT) professionals has grown rapidly in the last decade. Parallel to this increasing need for IT personnel is the continuous change in the type of skills that are brought about by innovations in cutting edge technologies. However, the type of new IT skills and knowledge needed to keep companies competitive in the global market extend beyond the ability to apply the updated hardware and software to make business processes more efficient. Communication excellence and managerial expertise are just two of the other more commonly needed skills demanded by employers. This study identifies and classifies information technology related job listings that are disclosed in the databases of two leading e-recruiting services. Two secondary variables, written and oral communications and experience, were also collected and examined in this study. The results of this research should be of interest to job seekers, human resources administrators, career counselors, corporate trainers, information systems consultants, labor attorneys, immigration and naturalization officers, and agency recruiters. Educators will find the outcomes of this study useful for the design and development of new curricula that can prepare students for the job market. Students will find this study particularly helpful since the trends identified in this research can have important implications for them in their selection of elective courses and in choosing a track for specialization.

Keywords: IT job skills, Information technology expertise, e-Recruiting, Computer personnel

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Recommended Citation: Koong, K. S., Liu, L. C., & Liu, X. (2002). A Study of the Demand for Information Technology Professionals in Selected Internet Job Portals. Journal of Information Systems Education, 13(1), 21-28.