Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

Volume 13 - Table of Contents

Volume 13 Number 1, Spring 2002

3 Teaching Tip: End Users and Developers in Systems Analysis and Design
Bassam Hasan, University of Toledo

7 Gender and Information Technology: Implications of Definitions
Wendy Cukier, Ryerson University
Denise Shortt, Ryerson University
Irene Devine, Ryerson University

17 Critical Success Factors in Developing, Implementing, and Teaching a Web Development Course
Timothy H. Greer, Middle Tennessee State University

21 A Study of the Demand for Information Technology Professionals in Selected Internet Job Portals
Kai S. Koong, Southern University at New Orleans
Lai C. Liu, Southern University at New Orleans
Xia Liu, FYI.Net, Incorporated

29 A Comparison of Adaption-Innovation Styles between Information Systems Majors and Computer Science Majors
Edward R. Sim, Loyola College
George Wright, Loyola College

37 An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning in Introductory Information Systems
William Wehrs, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

51 ERP, Learning Communities, and Curriculum Integration
George Joseph, Savannah State University
Asha George, Savannah State University

59 A Theory of the Relationships between Cognitive Requirements of Computer Programming Languages and Programmers' Cognitive Characteristics
Garry L. White, Southwest Texas State University
Marcos P. Sivitanides, Southwest Texas State University

Volume 13 Number 2, Summer 2002

79 Teaching Tip: From Responders: Enhancing Student Learning in Beginning and Advanced Web Development Classes
William L. Lomerson, Appalachian State University

85 Teaching Tip: A Simpler (and Better) Approach to Relational Division
Victor M. Matos, Cleveland State University
Rebecca Grasser, Lakeland Community College

89 Delivering a Graduate Information Systems Course in France: Observations, Experiences, and Professional Development Opportunities
Troy A. Festervand, Middle Tennessee State University

95 Transaction Management in Distributed Database Systems: The Case of Oracle's Two-Phase Commit
Ghazi Alkhatib, Qatar College of Technology
Ronny S. Labban, Consolidated Contractors International Company

105 Academic Departments of Information Systems Faculty in the U.S.
Susan A. Sherer, Lehigh University

117 Teaching Web Development Technologies: Past, Present, and (Near) Future
Billy B. L. Lim, Illinois State University

125 Evaluating the Virtual Management Information Systems (MIS) Classroom
Thomas Abraham, Kean University

135 Adding Value to the IS'97... Curriculum Models: An Interactive Visualization and Analysis Prototype
David W. Johnson, Utah Valley State College
Floyd Wilkes, Utah Valley State College
Pat Ormond, Utah Valley State College
Robert Figeuroa, Florida Gulf Coast University

143 Computer Literacy: Implications for Teaching a College-Level Course
Nitham M. Hindi, Emporia State University
Don Miller, Emporia State University
James Wenger, Emporia State University

Volume 13 Number 3, Fall 2002
Special Issue on Accommodating Information Security in our Curricula

165 Teaching Tip: A Simple and Effective Method for Teaching Information Systems Vocabulary and Concepts in a Large Lecture Setting
Charles E. Downing, Northern Illinois University

173 Accommodating Information Security in our Curricula
Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University
Ki-Yoon Kim, Kwangwoon University
Albert L. Harris, Appalachian State University

177 Crafting an Undergraduate Information Security Emphasis within Information Technology
Patricia Y. Logan, Weber State University

183 Using ASP-Based Message Encryption Project to Teach Information Security Concepts
Qidong Cao, Winthrop University
John S. Davis, Clemson University
Xue Bai, Virginia State University
Orlando E. Katter, Winthrop University

189 An Undergraduate Business Information Security Course and Laboratory
Michael R. Grimaila, Texas A&M University
Inkoo Kim, Texas A&M University

197 Reengineering an Information Security Course for Business Management Focus
Sunil Hazari, University of Maryland

205 Securing the Commercial Internet: Lessons Learned in Developing a Postgraduate Course in Information Systems Security
Sophie Cockcroft, University of Queensland

211 Information Systems Security Education: Redressing the Balance of Theory and Practice
Carol Hsu, London School of Economics and Political Science
James Backhouse, London School of Economics and Political Science

219 A Popular Postgraduate Information Systems Security Course
Kenneth J. Stevens, University of New South Wales
Rodger Jamieson, University of New South Wales

227 Information Security Management Curriculum Design: A Joint Industry and Academic Effort
Ki-Yoon Kim, Kwangwoon University
Ken Surendran, Southeast Missouri State University

237 Educational Requirements Analysis for Information Security Professionals in Korea
Sehun Kim, KAIST
Myeonggil Choi, National Security Research Institute

249 Internet Security Management: A Joint Postgraduate Curriculum Design
Helen Armstrong, Curtin University of Technology
Nimal Jayaratna, Curtin University of Technology

Volume 13 Number 4, Winter 2002

273 Teaching Tip: Simplifying Batch Outputting in COBOL
Barbara Russell, Northwestern State University

279 Debating E-Commerce: Engaging Students in Current Events
Amber Settle, DePaul University
André Berthiaume, DePaul University

287 Writing IS Teaching Cases: Guidelines for JISE Submission
James J. Cappel, Central Michigan University
Paul H. Schwager, Appalachian State University

295 Feedback Channels: Using Social Presence Theory to Compare Voice Mail to E-Mail
Mark Keil, Georgia State University
Roy D. Johnson, Georgia State University

303 An Empirical Study Comparing the Learning Environments of Open and Closed Computer Laboratories
Michael Newby, California State University - Fullerton

315 Assessing the Conflict Resolution Profiles of Emerging Information Systems Professionals
Michael A. Hignite, Southwest Missouri State University
Thomas M. Margavio, Southwest Missouri State University
Jerry M. Chin, Southwest Missouri State University

325 Software Piracy: A Study of the Extent of Coverage in Introductory MIS Textbooks
Laurie E. MacDonald, Bryant College
Kenneth T. Fougere, Bryant College

331 Computer Learning Behavior: Strategies for Learning and Behavior Improvement
Annette Vincent, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Melanie A. Meche, University of Louisiana - Lafayette
Dianne R. Ross, University of Louisiana - Lafayette

343 A Case Analysis of Real-World Systems Development Experiences of CIS Students
Terry L. Fox, Baylor University

351 Writing MIS Mini-Cases to Enhance Cooperative Learning: A Theory of Constraints Approach
Danilo Sirias, Saginaw Valley State University